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MAR 2017

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Page 64 of 107 ROCK products • March 2017 • 63 Can a drum motor be easily retrofitted into the produc- tion process? Typically installation requires four bolts for the mounting brackets and an electrical connection to the motor. The drum motor eliminates conventional motor and gearbox support brackets, torque arms and most guarding. This facilitates ret- rofitting into the production process with minimal downtime and cost. What maintenance can I expect on a drum motor? Maintenance requirements for a drum motor are virtually zero. All of the components; electric motor, gearbox and bear- ings, are enclosed within the drive shell and bathed in oil, providing continuous lubrication. The only required mainte- nance is an oil change every 50,000 hours of operation. A Van der Graaf drum motor eliminates the regular maintenance schedule typical of a conventional motor/gearbox drive. Can using drum motors contribute to safety at my operation? By utilizing a drum motor, external guarding for v-belts, chains, couplers and rotating shafts are eliminated. The drum motor design reduces potential problematic areas per OSHA and MSHA safety requirements – pinch-points and guarding. What kind of energy savings might I realize by switching to drum motors? Drum motors have shown up to 30 percent energy savings compared to a conventional conveyor drive system. This is accomplished by eliminating energy-robbing components such as right-angle gearboxes, v-belts, chain drives and cou- plers. Van der Graaf utilizes a high-efficiency electric motor coupled with an in-line gearbox, resulting in a higher overall efficiency, and improved cost savings. What is the life of a drum motor? Van der Graaf standard design components are designed for 80,000 hours, depending on the application and loading. The 80,000-hour interval can be exceeded, the average life we've seen in the field is 20 years. How long has Van der Graaf been in the manufacturing business? What is the company's history? For 69 years, Van der Graaf has been manufacturing and supplying equipment to the power transmission industry for conveyor applications. Van der Graaf started in 1948 in Vollenhove, Holland, with North American manufactur- ing starting in 1985. Today, Van der Graaf has more than 200,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space in the United States and Canada. Van der Graaf is the only drum motor manufacturer to implement a life-extending Vacuum Pressure Impreg- nation (VPI) process on every motor manufactured. Quality control is achieved through consistent R&D, combined with the latest automation in manufactur- ing equipment. Stringent quality control procedures are followed.

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