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118 • ROCK products • August 2017 opinions, beliefs or behaviors. Adults will learn what they want or need to know and will reject what they perceive to be of little or no value to them." Comfort Zone We all seem to do the best work when we stay within our com- fort zone; however, to move beyond teaching people what they already know requires trainers or instructors to explore other topics and content areas. Whether we consider ourselves a trainer or instructor, we tend to become a bit anxious and apprehensive if we are asked to present materials or teach outside our area of expertise. We spend years in educational or training programs grow- ing our knowledge base; after which, we devote a great deal of time to planning and developing training sessions or classes based on what we have learned. Stepping outside of our comfort zone can be stressful; however, it might be the first step in developing classes with content that focuses on bringing new learning to participants. In the end, our re- sponsibility or "duty" is to our students, not to our content or what we know. Breaking Traditions From 2014 to 2017, five safety educational workbooks were developed as tools to help deliver MSHA Annual Eight Hour Refresher Training to those working in the mining industry. This educational process, designed to get employees to be- come active and more engaged, uses no PowerPoint slides and the "teacher" is replaced with a "facilitator" who does not lecture but uses workbooks to guide student learning. The facilitator encourages students to do the work and as a result, they become more engaged and hopefully learn new information which will keep them from being in an accident or injured at work. Based on survey data and comments from miners who have participated in this MSHA training, it appears this employee educational process has been highly successful. Further, it demonstrates exposing employees to higher level education- al topics which deal with more than traditional training con- tent should be considered when trying to reduce accidents, eliminate injuries and improve a company's safety culture. In 2014, Cessford Construction Co. (an Oldcastle Materials Group company) made a decision to break from tradition by providing employees with annual MSHA Refresher Training which was not "just the same old thing" delivered by Power- Points, videos and lectures. What took its place was a work- book titled "MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. I." Using it, and coached by a facilitator, participants were required to read, encouraged to take part in small group discussions, and answer questions about various safety topics. Because this workbook, as a training delivery process, proved to be so successful additional workbooks focused on taking MSHA Annual Refresher Training to a higher level were developed and used in 2015, 2016 and 2017. While the content or topics in "MSHA Annual Refresher Ed- ucation Vol. I" were typical of those covered in traditional safety training, the delivery process was much different and more effective as shown from data generated by surveys and comments from participants. Rather than following a "teach- er centered" model, this delivery process might be consid- ered as "student centered" where the trainer becomes a fa- cilitator guiding the learning process rather than one who simply lectures. Based on survey data and comments, it ap- peared this educational process helped students learn new information, even though they may have attended previous sessions where the same topics were presented using Pow- erPoint slides, videos and lectures. In 2015 it was decided to raise MSHA training to a higher lev- el by going beyond a repeat of traditional safety topics. A ma- jority of the contents in "MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. II" concentrated on providing higher level discussions and safety education for employees dealing with: • Hazard Identification. • Risk Assessment. • Hazard Mitigation. • Task Training. • Trends in Injuries. This workbook also provided employees training on: • Miners' Rights. • Changes at the Mine Site. • Emergency Response (First Aid). By helping employees gain a deeper understanding of these processes, they will better understand the role they play in preventing accidents, injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Helping employees understand "why" is critical to learning, improving safety performance and preventing unwanted events while at work. Research shows when leadership is weak or missing, a com- pany's safety culture and its employees' safety performance are affected in a negative manner. To assist employees with understanding these relationships, the contents of "MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. III," like Vol. II, take employ- ees to an even higher level with its main theme of leadership and its importance to safety. In addition, a secondary theme dealing with effects of stress on job performance and safety is provided. The majority of the content of Vol. III focuses on: • Leadership as it Relates to Safety. • The Effects of Stress in the Workplace. • Work Place Examinations. Helping employees understand they may be required to step up and become leaders and how leadership is related to re- ducing accidents, injuries and fatalities on mine sites is infor- mation a majority of employees will typically not receive in annual MSHA training. Also in this workbook is included material covering the top- ics of: Aggregates Industry Almanac Safety Training

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