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Page 120 of 131 ROCK products • August 2017 • 119 Aggregates Industry Almanac Safety Training • Miners' Rights. • Changes at the Mine Site. • Emergency Response (First Aid). "MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. IV" is a special edition developed for the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) for use in their New Manager Devel- opment Academy. It contains subject matter and specific exercises selected from the other four workbooks. It is important to note the content chosen for "MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. V" was selected by employees work- ing in the mining industry. An opinion survey completed by over 1,000 miners overwhelmingly (96 percent) indicated that: • When in training, they want to be treated like adults. •  They want to be active and involved in training rather than sitting all day. • They would like to have input into what they want to learn and not just be told what they want to learn. In 2017, another 253 miners were asked the following ques- tion, "If you had an opportunity, to pick one safety related training topic you would like to learn more about, what would it be?" They were asked to write their topic on a piece of paper and when all were tallied the following topics were chosen: • Leadership. • Team Building. • Communication Skills. • Task Training. • Computer Skill Development. The majority of "MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. V" is devoted to the topics selected by this group of employees. These topics are all critical to the success of a company's safety programs and to the health and well-being its employ- ees. If a company does not have strong leaders at all levels, who promote safety and working together as a team, the odds of reducing accidents and injuries in their workplaces are greatly reduced. Equally important to success with employee safety is open and frequent communication up and down the chain of command. Leadership, team building and com- munication are not topics one sees in typical MSHA Annual Refresher Training. As in the other workbooks the following topics were included: • Miners' Rights. • Changes at the Mine Site. • Emergency Response (First Aid). Survey Results Following are results from survey items which reflect opin- ions of several hundred miners who participated in annual MSHA Refresher Training using these workbooks and deliv- ery process. The strength of each response on a scale of from 1 to 7 (with 7 being highest) and the high percentage of employee agreement to each item indicate the class content and delivery process were well received and extremely effec- tive in providing new information on safety to a majority of participants. MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. I (General Safety Topics) •  85 percent of those who participated indicated they learned more about safety from this MSHA Annual Refresher Training program than previous sessions that used only PowerPoints, lectures and movie presentations. (Average score of 6.2). •  95 percent of employees said this MSHA refresher training allowed them an opportunity to participate in what was going on. (Average score of 6.3). • 87 percent of those in the classes said by using the work- book they believe they learned more about the safety topics that were discussed. (Average score of 6.0). •  89 percent agreed participating in exercises, which dealt with safety topics covered during this training program, helped them understand the content better. (Average score of 6.2). MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. II (Risk Assessment Process) •  95 percent of employees indicated by participating in activities and using the workbook they have a better under- standing of the Risk Assessment Process. (Average score of 6.2). •  97 percent of participants believe activities designed to help them identify equipment and mine site hazards will make them more aware of them while they are doing their job. (Average score of 6.3). • 98 percent of respondents said participating in activities or exercises helps them understand more about the topics discussed during the training. (Average score of 6.4). •  97 percent of participants believe discussions dealing with hazard identification, risk assessment and ways to mitigate hazards helps them understand what they mean and how they relate to staying safer at work. (Average score of 6.4). MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. III (Leadership/Job Related Stress) •  91 percent of employees indicated in this MSHA Annual Refresher Training they learned leadership is an important part of being safe in the workplace. (Average score of 6.6). • 98 percent of respondents believe from this MSHA Train- ing session it is clear leadership is everyone's business. (Average score of 6.7). •  98 percent of participants agreed because of this MSHA Training session they now understand accountability is each person's responsibility. (Average score of 6.6). MSHA Annual Refresher Education Vol. V (Leadership/Teams/Communication) • 98 percent of participants in this MSHA Annual Refresher Training indicated they learned leadership is an important part of being safe in the workplace. (Average score of 6.5).

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