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JUL 2018

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42 • ROCK products • July 2018 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY MATERIAL HANDLING & CONVEYING For more than a decade, BossTek (formerly Dust Control Technology) has built the DustBoss line of atomized mist cannons. Now, the company has increased the terms of its warranty to five-years or 5,000-hours replacement on the direct drive fan motor of its entire product lineup. Many of the early units sold by the company are still in service, delivering excellent surface and airborne particle control. As industrial dust emissions become more heavily regulated, the improved warranty offers customers peace of mind and reflects BossTek's commitment to superior dura- bility and return on investment from its products. "When we follow up with past customers, more often than not, instead of replacing their DustBoss, they're adding to their fleet as they expand," said BossTek CEO Edwin Peterson. "With so many of our oldest units still in the field cranking out wide area dust suppression, extending the warranty was an easy decision. Our product quality hasn't changed from day one." The demand for atomized mist dust suppression technol- ogy has increased since air quality inspectors now test for smaller, non-visible fugitive particle sizes (<10 microns in diameter or roughly the size of pollen). These particulates can leave the site line and expose the surrounding community to potentially hazardous respiratory issues. Previously, industries such as aggregates, demolition, bulk product storage (coal, ash, scrap metal, etc.) and ports have controlled dust by applying surface suppression using water sprayed from hoses, which create droplets from 200 – 1000 microns in size. But over time, operators have discovered that in order to control dust emissions, droplet sizes must roughly match the size of airborne particulates, which hoses cannot accomplish. Available in four sizes depending on the needs of the appli- cation, a single DustBoss unit can cover up to five American football fields with billions of mist droplets approximately 50 to 200 microns in diameter. BossTek, Beumer Introduces Belt Position Monitoring System Beumer Group recently introduced the Beumer Belt Position Monitor- ing System, an innovative, contactless technology for high-capacity bucket elevators. Designed to measure and communi- cate the distance between passing buckets and the elevator housing, the Belt Position Monitoring System allows contactless recognition of the belt posi- tion inside bucket elevators with four Belt Edge Distance Sensors attached to either side of the bucket elevator – two at the head and two at the boot. Sensors send signals with differing values to process control that identify whether the belt is traveling in the center, or is moving increasingly to the left or to the right. Additionally, the belt position is displayed through a series of 10 LEDs installed in the belt position indicator device. Using the belt-monitoring device, users can visualize the position of their belt in real-time outside the bucket eleva- tor housing with the ability to evaluate the belt's traveling behavior over time. Warning and disconnection settings are scalable and can be easily reconfigured. And the system can be easily installed on existing bucket elevators. Current mechanical belt monitoring devices require direct contact with belts, which can cause damage to the device and deformation of belts. Additionally, mechanical devices can recognize only one belt tracking posi- tion, with information about critical belt positions coming too late to begin preventative maintenance. "The Beumer Belt Position Monitoring System makes long-term evaluation of a belt's traveling behavior possible and allows for preventative mainte- nance depending on the actual wear of components," said Brian Giese, Beumer director of business development. "It can reduce downtime by identifying areas of concern in advance of planned maintenance activities." Beumer Group, BossTek Offers Enhanced Warranty for DustBoss Mist Cannons

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