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JUL 2018

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Page 48 of 69 ROCK products • July 2018 • 45 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY LOADOUT & DRONES Schenck Process achieved U.S. legal- for-trade status for its single weighing section, coupled in-motion rail scale system. The certification process was completed in February 2018, and Schenck Process was issued the NTEP Certificate of Conformance 14-067A1. MultiTrain LegalWeight is revolution- ary in the rail weighing industry with the fastest installation and lowest track out-of-service time, thus eliminating industry interruption and lost revenue, noted the manufacturer. The system offers an alternative for industries with limited track downtime for installation. The ballast-supported design is a unique feature replacing the traditional concrete foundation with a ballast embedded legal-for-trade rail scale. LegalWeight installation is faster than other legal-for-trade rail scales on the market with less than one day of track downtime compared to conventional installation times of more than 30 days. Schenck Process is the only manufac- turer that can install single section, legal-for-trade, coupled in-motion rail scales in one day. The customer bene- fits through dramatically reduced track downtime for installation. MultiTrain LegalWeight is ideal for the following industries that require legal- for-trade weights: •  Aggregates and other bulk solid materials. • Scrap metal and steel. • Waste management. • Wood products, lumber and paper. • Agriculture. • Petro-chemical. Scales are more important than ever in the U.S. rail industry. The rail-weighing market is placing a strong empha- sis on productivity with verification of weights used for custody transfer. Schenck Process is equipped to meet market demand and customer require- ments with one-, two-, three- and four-section NTEP-certified, legal-for- trade, coupled-in-motion rail scales. LegalWeight requires as little as 165-ft. straight and level track require- ments with the single weighing section system. Due to the reduction in weigh- ing sections, the cost to the customer is reduced by 25 to 33 percent per weighing section vs. traditional pit scale installations. The ballast-supported dynamic weigh- ing system designed for the weighing of railcars while coupled in-motion up to 14 mph. Increased weighing speeds provides our customers increased pro- ductivity and network capacity with the flexibility to expand their rail yards or industry track. LegalWeight incorporates continuously welded rail into its design in order to provide the fastest speeds in the indus- try. Continuously welded rail allows transit at full line speeds which can exceed 55 mph. Therefore, eliminat- ing the rail gaps increases the speed of weighing by three times. As an option, LegalWeight can provide unbalanced load detection for both front-to-back and side-to-side loading. LegalWeight utilizes instrumented con- crete weighing ties equipped with high precision load cells. The load cells mea- sure the vertical force applied through the rail between the tie and ballast with a legal-for-trade accuracy of 0.2 percent for individual car weights, the industry standard for accuracy in all legal-for- trade systems. The scale electronics can withstand temperatures of -22 F (-30 C) to 122 F (50 C). The NTEP and rail industry standard is 14 F (-10 C) to 104 F (40 C). The wider temperature range reduces equipment costs by eliminating heat- ers and blowers. The ability to install LegalWeight in harsh environments is proven in installation climates ranging from Northern Sweden to the Austra- lian Outback. Key features of MultiTrain Legal- Weight include: • Installs in less than one day. • Harsh environment design. •  Eliminating rail-gaps increases speed of weighing three times. •  S p e e d s c a n e x c e e d 55 mph non-weighing. • Eliminates concrete foundations. •  Reduces installation times by 30 days. •  Eliminates hazardous confined spaces. • Relocation is possible. • Collects AEI tag information. • Derailment prevention data. •  P reve n t s d a m a g e to ra i l infrastructure. • Increased safety to the public. • Reduction of fees/fines. Schenck Process, Schenck Process Coupled In-Motion Rail Scale System

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