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22 • ROCK products • September 2018 Mentioning the need to recruit Millennials is sometimes fol- lowed by dread – a certain hesitation or a moment of panic can occur. But this shouldn't be the case. Since 2015, Millen- nials are the fastest growing workforce, and they are easily the most unique once hired. Who are these Millennials? Well, that answer varies depend- ing on whom you ask, but simply put, this generation ranges from people born in the early 1980s to the late 1990s. They are dominating the job market, and you better be ready to find the best of the best. The trouble isn't finding talented Millennials – its learning how to recruit them and keep them. Communication Millennials require perpetual communication. They have been raised in a society that values Facebook and Twitter updates, or Instagram do's and don'ts, and the older tradition of only using the phone to call and leave messages will no longer work. They want – crave – instant communication. All forms of communication. Which means you can't be afraid to chat on social sites or use text messaging when first reaching out. Millennials desire this type of personal interaction, and they want to work somewhere that is current with trends. Change your strategy, get creative, and use all forms of social media to reach out and connect. They will love how progres- sive you are, and they will respond quickly. If you don't make them feel important, they will dash for the next best thing, so take the time to learn new and innovative strategies. But don't rely solely on digital and social media communication – make sure to continue face-to-face contact throughout the inter- view process. Face-to-face interviews are vital, no matter the generation, and they are as old as Paul Revere's ride. You absolutely can lure in Millennials with modern techniques, but to sell the company, you need direct, in-person contact. Sharing Company Culture Now that you have the Millennial intrigued by your messag- ing approach, what's next? Your company. Once you have the Millennial talking to you, it is a guarantee they will be online, looking up the company as they are messaging you, and it is imperative you have a heavy online presence. You need to be covered across the board, which means you need to be on every social media site. That's right! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram… you need to be everywhere, and you need to have pictures. A couple of retro pictures from back in the day aren't going to cut it here. Nowadays, you are going to need a lot of videos and pictures showing the world what a day in the life of your company is truly like from the inside out. Millennials want to work for a company that has an incredible culture and feels like home, so being able to see current employees at a company picnic, company birthday party, or even a company Christmas party is always a wonderful touch. What type of impression are you wanting to give? How do you view your company? Stay true to the core of what your company values when sharing your story online, but the key is to always stay current. Post your hiring needs of course, but post as much as you can and as often as you can, and encourage fellow employees to post regularly too. What's Valued What do Millennials value more than a great culture? Perks. Benefits and perks. Millennials are highly sought after, and if you want to get the good ones early on, you better have some advantages over the competition. These days, compa- nies are getting creative when giving compensation packages. The money is important of course, but what else? Flexible schedules, working remotely, and paid time off to volunteer are some of the emerging ideas. Ask a Baby-Boomer, and they are likely to laugh at these ideas, but it is crucial if you want to snag the best of the best. Eval- uate your benefits packages and rethink what is possible. It Piloting the Millennial Falcon Thoughts on Hiring and Keeping Millennial Workers. By Molly Smith

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