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JAN 2013

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Surface Drill Rig The T35 E surface drill rig, the latest addition to the PowerROC product family, is an extendable boom ver‐ sion of the T35 drilling rig currently in use. This new, no‐ cabin model provides straighter holes, more safety and comfort for the operator and easy‐access maintenance. The new PowerROC was designed with an aluminum feed system to drill straighter holes. Aluminum is highly resistant to bending, and the prism shape of the feed profile allows two directional sliding surfaces as a stable guide for the rock drill cradle. The T35 E feed system also uses a cylinder with cables that drives the rock drill cradle to provide more consistent ground contact with the drill bit for higher quality holes. Drilling and tram‐ ming controls are located in three separate areas on the machine. This allows operators to safely and efficiently run the T35 E in difficult environments. There is no need for the operator to stand next to the feed, resulting in less dust and noise exposure. Furthermore, a swing arm provides greater safety and comfort. Atlas Copco Construction & Mining, ROTR Tire The new Double Coin REM‐28S radial off‐the‐road (ROTR) tire is ideal for use on loaders, graders and mobile cranes in winter applications. It features a wide footprint, offers excellent flotation, zigzag siping and proven tread block design that in‐ creases winter condition performance. The Three Star (***) Mobile Crane version is DOT‐certified for on‐highway use. The REM‐28S is delivered in multiple tire sizes including 385/95R24** (grader), 17.5R25**/20.5R25** (loader) and 385/95R24*** (high speed mobile crane). Addi‐ tional sizes are under development for 2013. The REM‐28S adds to the line‐up of Double Coin's di‐ verse array of ROTR products that includes small, large and giant tires for earthmoving, mining and construction applications. Double Coin Tires, www.doublecoin‐ Dredge Liquid Waste Technology, LLC announced the launch of their newest Mud Cat dredge, the Mud Cat MFD‐1000. This multi‐function dredge has multiple interchangeable tool options, including an excava‐ tor bucket, a cutter basket with dredging pump, a weed rake, and a pile driver. This one‐truck trans‐ portable, self‐launching dredge has a maximum dig‐ ging depth of 19 ft. 5 in. (5.92 m). The self‐launching capability of the Mud Cat MFD‐1000 minimizes mo‐ bilization and demobilization expenses. The single‐ piece hull is reinforced with seven watertight compartments, and has corrosion‐resistant paint in‐ side and out. Other features of the Mud Cat MFD‐ 1000 include a 275‐hp (205‐kW) John Deere diesel turbocharged engine, and a modern operator's cabin complete with heating and air conditioning, a back‐up video camera, and vibration isolation. Liquid Waste Technology, ROCKproducts • JANUARY 2013 57

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