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OCT 2018

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84 • ROCK products • October 2018 LAST CALL As companies introduce connected technologies into the workplace and on the jobsite, they increase the risk of cyber attacks. This includes aggre- gates operations and construction materials companies . Cyber attacks are affecting companies of all sizes . Smaller companies may actually be at higher risk if they don't think it can happen to them and don't take precautions . Don't be complacent, said the Asso- ciation of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) . Cybersecurity has become more complex, as malware attacks have con- tinued to skyrocket, with ransomware leading the charge. Cybersecurity Strategy Routine data backup is the most effective counter to any ransomware demand, said Scott Schober, president and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Sys- tems. "User behavior has not changed fast enough to keep pace with the onslaught of attacks . " Effective cybersecurity also requires everyone to participate . Key steps include: •  Cyber awareness training for all employees . •  Teaching good cyber-hygiene throughout all levels and depart- ments, in the office and at the jobsite. •  Enlisting a qualified third party to help train and test staff. Don't Forget the Basics Be proactive and diligent, putting basic controls and protocols in place. These include: •  Create a regular backup plan for all Protect Against Cyber Attacks: Tips Any Company Can Use By Mark S. Kuhar data stored offsite. •  Use only name brand security soft- ware that automatically updates on every computer, tablet and laptop to combat the latest threats . •  Update all operating systems reg- ularly and never use unsupported outdated software. •  Verify all firewalls have the latest security patches installed. •  Ensure all network mobile devices have both hardware and software encryption with a long and strong password or PIN required for access. •  Verify the Wi-Fi network within the company and at the job site is secure, encrypted and has a long and strong password. Set up MAC filtering to accept only pre-approved employee devices. Reinforce these controls and proto- cols through regular training sessions to help all employees so that 'thinking cyber' becomes part of everyone's daily job requirements . "By raising awareness, employees will realize the importance of slowing down to question anything that seems a bit off," Schober said. Looking Ahead While cybersecurity concerns are com- plex today, they will continue to grow as technology continues to evolve and impact organizations at every level . Every company that is connected to the Internet is a potential target for hack- ers . Taking the time now to invest in cybersecurity training and prevention methods can help ensure your company and jobsites remain safe and secure in the future .

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