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44 • ROCK products • November 2018 7. How do you expect the industry to perform in 2019? What factors point to an up versus down year? What will some of the construction-heavy markets around the country be in the coming year? MEHTA: The number of new projects that have started and are on the books will give a running start to 2019. In 2019, we expect to be even better than 2018, as President Trump gains in popularity and is delivering. Our country is now being a leader and not a follower. 2019 promises to be another excel- lent year of growth for BKT. The construction industry will continue to have another robust year. Unemployment is at the lowest it has ever been in years and interest rates con- tinue to be low, creating a positive pattern for growth. BKT is prepared with increased production capacity, knowledge- able people in the field, excellent quality backed by good after sales service and best value for money for the companies that invest in BKT. LEPP: We feel confident in continued growth into 2019. Many capital projects we're involved in will be next year, as well as the potential for increased infrastructure spending. KANARIS: The past two years, the overall business in the industries we serve have been trending upwards. Looking ahead to 2019 we expect the growth to continue. We spec- ulate the construction-heavy markets will follow the incline growth of the other industries we serve. LININGER: We anticipate a positive year in 2019. This has been a consistent message from both our dealers and end users. I think that we will see construction-heavy markets spread across the country next year. Throughout my career, the western part of the country seemed to slow down and speed up before the eastern did. We saw strong business in 2017 in the West and are now seeing that same level of activ- ity across the country, I foresee that level staying consistent throughout 2019. GARRISON: Based on bidding activity going into the fall, we don't really expect to slow down much in 2019. Frac sand plants and equipment investment is showing signs of slow- ing down. ROY: We have been riding a very strong demand wave for the past year or two now and put a lot of iron to work in North America. We see signs of a comprehensively robust economy, and we expect positive numbers for the next year as well. We have been serving equipment to all facets of con- struction, from major roadways and airports to oil and gas sites and utilities. GRAY: We expect steady growth over the next 18 to 24 months. KRAUSE: The factors, commercial and housing building, that have provided the increased business levels for the last 18 months will drive the next 12 months. So like other cycles in this industry the areas where we are seeing population movement, in or out, will see growth or shrinkage. The South will continue to be strong and it appears that the Southwest United States will continue to see an increase from low levels. Follow the population and you will see the business follow CISZCZON: Unless we pass an infrastructure bill shortly, I expect the aggregate industry to grow on a 2 to 3 percent basis for 2019. Even without an infrastructure bill, I expect the aggregate industry to grow because of the overall strong economy for 2019. Texas will continue to be a hot spot in the aggregate industry for 2019. 8. Is there any other subject you would like to comment on? GRAY: Availability of skilled labor is low. We are utilizing new recruiting strategies to seek qualified applicants. CISZCZON: I am concerned about the tariffs and possible trade wars. These tariffs and trade wars raise the cost of doing business for all parties. ROY: For the past 10 years, there has a tremendous amount of 'noise' in the industry over telematics, data management and reporting. Now we are getting lots of positive feedbacks from our customers, who are saying we are taking a leading position in cleaning up this data and proving valuable infor- mation in a clear and concise way. Our systems, like Active Care Direct, are making significant impacts to our customers' bottom lines. In a nutshell, our products are running better, faster, cleaner and less costly than ever before – and our cus- tomers expect these benefits from us. It's important to emphasize that for years the construction industry lagged behind other industries when it comes to digitalization and the industry is ripe for disruptive technol- ogies. With that in mind, Volvo CE has been investing strongly in technology and innovation. The main goal is to achieve what we call 3Zeros and 10X: zero emissions, zero accidents, zero unplanned downtime and 10 times higher efficiency. KANARIS: I would like to thank the editors of the Rock Products publication for giving us the opportunity to voice our opinion in these very important matters. The manage- ment at VDG have and will continue to make investments in research and development, new technologies, and state of the art manufacturing process. We are also very excited to announce the opening of our new U.S. manufacturing facility in Shelby Township, Mich. We strongly believe the best way to increase business in the United States is to manufacture in the United States. Q&A Forum

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