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DEC 2018

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Page 58 of 99 ROCKproducts • December 2018 • 57 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY MAINTENANCE & WEAR PARTS Spectro Scientific released a new gen- eration of its FluidScan mid-infrared spectrometer handheld oil analyzer. Spectro Scientific President and CEO Brian Mitchell said, "This new release represents the ongoing evolution of Flu- idScan analyzers and also illustrates the continual improvement of Spectro prod- ucts overall, as our company constantly works to provide our customers with the most advanced, precise and conve- nient fluid analysis tools possible." Patented FluidScan technology collects light transmitted through one drop of a fluid sample and registers the infra- red absorption spectrum. The analyzer compares spectrum data to a built-in fluid reference library and provides rapid, on-site analysis of in-service lubricants. Analysis takes less than one minute, users need no special training, and the process requires no solvents or complicated cleanup. The new generation FluidScan analyzers have upgraded digital electronics and faster embedded processors with new software and calculation algorithms that speed the analysis process. The new oil library includes almost 800 oils and greases of a wide range of chemis- try and brands. The grease library has significantly expanded and a new water index parameter helps users track dis- solved water trends in used grease. New software algorithms include a fluid integrity parameter that permits users to determine if a substance with a different chemistry is mixed with the lubricant, a common problem in oil top-off process. In addition, a biodiesel detection algorithm measures the per- centage of biodiesel fluid in engine oil. When combined with the Spectro Sci- entific FDM 6000 series fuel dilution meters, a more accurate measurement of total biodiesel and diesel dilution percentage can be obtained. Fuel dilution is one of the biggest problems identified in engine oil analysis. A new ability to make corrections to stored factory fluid data eliminates the need to create new user fluid entries to correlate FluidScan results with those from commercial laboratories. Ergonomic improvements include a 50 percent larger and brighter LCD screen. A new LED light in the sampling head enables users to quickly check for air bubbles in an oil sample, supporting improved measurement quality. Spectro Scientific, www.spectrosci. com Metso, Rockwell Automation Introduce Predictive Maintenance Solution Metso expanded its digital Metso Met- rics offering with the launch of a new predictive maintenance solution for mining equipment, aimed to help max- imize the uptime and performance of comminution circuits. Metso Metrics is designed to provide global mining customers improved visibility and new insights into their equipment and processes with analyt- ics, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance – all backed by expert support from Metso. The combination of advanced technology and expertise will bring Metso services closer to customers by improving collaboration, asset reliability and optimization. "Optimization of existing assets and processes is now the key to drive pro- ductivity at mine sites. This is where digitalization coupled with expert sup- port really comes into play – connecting the right data with the right people," said Jani Puroranta, chief digital offi- cer, Metso. "With innovative digital tools like Metso Metrics, minerals processing plants can shift from reactive-mode to being proactive and focused on contin- uous improvement." The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution is built on the Rockwell Auto- mation FactoryTalk Cloud platform, powered by Microsoft Azure. It securely collects data from hundreds of sensors within Metso equipment all used to assess process performance, as well as predict component wear and fail- ure. Metso performance teams analyze the data with the support of advanced machine learning algorithms to help customers optimize equipment opera- tions and processes. "Mining companies need more visibility to their processes, equipment perfor- mance and supply chain to improve safety and efficiency, reduce energy usage and, ultimately, inform better business decisions," said Blake Moret, chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automa- tion. "This connected mine solution allows mining companies to derive measurable business value from their operations, allowing for better collabo- ration and increased productivity." The new mining solution is the latest addition to Metso's digital services. It covers Metso's primary gyratory crushers, cone crushers and vibrating screens. In the future, other types of minerals processing equipment, such as mills, will be addressed. Metso, Spectro Scientific Portable Oil Analyzer Features Upgrades

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