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Page 60 of 101 ROCK products • January 2019 • 57 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY MAINTENANCE & WEAR PARTS Thunder Creek Equipment expanded its multi-tank platform of diesel fuel hauling solutions to include a new medium-duty truck body – the Multi- Tank Upfit – that can haul bulk diesel on the road without requiring a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement (Title 49 [CFR49] local regulations may apply). Each truck is outfitted with eight inde- pendent 115-gal. tanks (920-gal. total capacity) that are only connected when a common manifold is opened at the pumping station. This allows equip- ment owners to safely haul and store bulk diesel on their sites, and better control their own fueling schedules/ uptime. "This is the natural evolution of the multi-tank concept, allowing contrac- tors, heavy equipment owners and fueling services to haul diesel in the platform that makes sense for their business," said Luke Van Wyk, vice president of sales, Thunder Creek Equipment. "This will allow fuel to be delivered in the field by trusted employ- ees without requiring a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement." The new Multi-Tank Upfit is currently compatible with the Ford F550 chassis (Class 5, either with or without PTO). Thunder Creek plans on engineering the body for additional Class 5 and Class 6 trucks. Thunder Creek Equipment, New Mining and Quarrying Grease From Klüber Lubrication Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, introduced Klüberplex ELM 44-80 Arctic, a heavy-duty grease for mining and quarrying equipment in extreme cold-weather applications. High machine availability, reduced downtime and low maintenance costs are essential to mining and quarrying success. Yet, the growing industry trend of working in extremely cold climates presents lubrication challenges. Klüberplex ELM 44-80 Arctic is designed for the year-round lubrica- tion of bolts, pins, guide bushes, chassis components, joints, fasteners, leaf springs, and sliding and rolling bearings in mining and quarrying machines that operate in harsh arctic, sub-arctic and continental climates. With 5 percent content of solid lubri- cants, this grease offers excellent wear protection under mixed friction con- ditions to meet the specifications of machine manufacturers. Its high-tech additives provide superior load-carry- ing capacity at high surface pressures combined with low speeds. The highly advanced base oil combinations deliver unmatched pumpability at tempera- tures as low as -50 C (-58 F). It also adheres well to vertical surfaces in higher temperatures. The performance characteristics of Klüberplex ELM 44-80 Arctic benefit equipment such as off-road haulers, wheel loaders, earth movers, hydrau- lic mining excavators, electric cable excavators, cranes, and transport and conveyor systems. Klüber Lubrication, WD-40 Specialist Offers Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant WD-40 Specialist offers Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant No-Drip Formula, a long-lasting lubrication that won't run, drip or make a mess. Unlike standard lubricants, this unique spray gel lubricant stays where you spray it, making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces and moving parts. Spray & Stay Gel's long-lasting performance makes it a great gear and bearing lubricant, cable and chain lubricant, and for all those moving parts. Plus, Stay & Spray Gel Lubricant features the attached Smart Straw, which sprays two ways and allows the user to spray lubricant with precision in hard-to-reach areas as well as a wide spray for larger areas. The gel lubricant protects against rust and is safe on multiple surfaces including metal, plastic and rubber, and withstands temperature ranges from -100 F to 500 F. The product is VOC compliant in all 50 states. WD-40 Specialist, Thunder Creek Equipment Expands Multi-Tank Platform

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