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54 • ROCK products • February 2019 Apple just released its new flagship iPhone XS and XS Max. The phone looks nearly identical to last year's iPhone X, however, under the hood it is a com- pletely different story. We spent the past couple months visiting rock quar- ries, bark mulch producers and paper mills testing the new iPhone and here is why we love the new iPhone XS. The Camera of the Future Apple's iPhone XS keynote spent a considerable amount of time explain- ing why the new camera is far better than any camera they have produced in the past. Usually, the improvements are incremental and not worth spend- ing hundreds of dollars each year to upgrade. We are excited to say for the first time in a while that this camera is worth the money. What is different this time with the camera? Extended dynamic range! Broken down in simple terms, this means the camera can see more detail in the brightest and darkest sections of the images it captures. Apple accomplishes this through impressive real-time com- putation only possible on their new A12 Bionic chipset. Instead of using the traditional video capture method of capturing 30 images per second, the iPhone captures 60 images per second alternating light and dark images. The light and dark image pairs are merged together in real time to extend the dynamic range. Why the iPhone XS is Perfect for Measuring Stockpiles The picture above highlights the extended dynamic range on the iPhone XS Max. The area around the sun on iPhone 6S video is completely white and blown out. Cloud and sky detail around the sun is still visible in the iPhone XS Max video. The stockpile surface detail on the iPhone XS Max is visible even on the darkest sections of the image. However, dark areas in the iPhone 6S video are almost completely black. Why Does This Matter to You? Your stockpile measurement videos on the iPhone XS now look fantastic, what exactly does that mean? The new iPhone will be a game changer for harsh sun conditions. In this arti- cle, we will explain why the extended dynamic range on the iPhone XS means capturing measurements with the sun on the horizon will get a lot easier, fail- ure rates due to sun-flare are greatly reduced, and accuracy of volumes is increased due to the greater detail in dark parts of the pile. Capturing Measurements Gets a Lot Easier You all have been there: it is 8:30 in the morning and you are trying to measure stockpiles while the sun is

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