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Page 58 of 113 ROCK products • February 2019 • 55 in your eyes. You try advanced mea- surement techniques such as holding a clipboard over your iPhone in an attempt to reduce the amount of sun the camera is capturing. Angling the camera away from the sun is also a technique of the past. Sometimes these advanced techniques work, sometimes they don't. The iPhone XS cuts out the need for any advanced measurement techniques. Extended dynamic range means that the sun doesn't flare across the camera lens and lead to an unus- able video. Using the iPhone XS, you can measure inventory piles in the morning and late afternoon the same way that you would midday. Say goodbye to any fancy camera angling or trying to hide the sun with your hand. No More Failed Measurements Photogrammetry is the engine that powers the ability to be able to measure a stockpile by taking a simple iPhone video. In order to measure a stockpile successfully, we need continuous, clear video footage from the iPhone camera. Sun flare from the sun low on the hori- zon cuts through imagery like a knife obscuring a part of the scene. We show both the iPhone 6S and iPhone XS foot- age from a measurement of the same pile in the below image. The colorful streaks on the imagery illustrate unique surface features being tracked as the camera moves around the pile. On the top right, you can clearly see that the sun flare cuts through the scene causing a gap in the streaks. This gap in features being tracked causes a gap in the final measurement data. The data gap is what causes iPhone measurements to fail due to sun flare. The bottom right photo from the iPhone XS shows that it can handle the bright sun and no sun flare is present in the imagery. The camera is able to measure the complete surface of the pile. We tested against sun flare on numerous piles and we concluded that sun flare is almost non-existent with the iPhone XS. This is important to users who are measuring critical month end piles and cannot afford to have a failure. Accuracy of Volumes in Dark Areas Increased An unexpected benefit of the new iPhone XS is that the camera captured previously unseen details in dark shadowy areas of a stockpile. The dark shadows cast over stockpiles due to a low sun angle in the sky or due to poor lighting situations in buildings meant that some areas of the piles were obscured in darkness. The extended dynamic range of the iPhone XS camera effectively lets the iPhone see areas that would be completely dark in the past. The pair of photos below shows an image from a measurement in a poorly lit building. The photo on the left is the raw imagery from the camera. On the photo on the right, we boosted the brightness of the image to reveal that the surface details were still captured. Brightening a dark image captured with a previous generation iPhone would reveal that the camera did not capture any surface detail. The increased amount of detail cap- tured on piles in dark settings provides us with more information and more accurate volumes. We no longer need to estimate the surfaces in the dark areas of a stockpile. This increase in accuracy is great news for site managers, accoun- tants, and auditors. They have greater confidence that an entire pile is being measured correctly. Should I Upgrade My iPhone? We admit that the new iPhone is more expensive than any iPhone in the past. The new iPhone XR starts at $750 and you can price the iPhone Max up to $1,500. This leaves most people won- dering if it is worth the expense to upgrade. Ask these simple questions before deciding to upgrade: •  Do I need to measure stockpiles early in the morning or late in the afternoon? • Have I missed critical stockpile mea- surements in the past due to sun issues? • Do I need to train new users to mea- sure stockpiles in the near future? •  Do I have stockpiles indoors with poor lighting? If you answer yes to any of these ques- tions, we highly recommend upgrading. You will no longer have to consider the time of day when measuring stock- piles because the dynamic range of the camera can handle all types of lighting. Missed measurements due to sun flare issues will be virtually eliminated with the iPhone XS. Training new users will be easier and you can skip the frustra- tion of having to reteach complicated advanced measurement techniques. Lastly, measuring in poor lit situations will still yield great results. You will also be buying the fastest, most advanced iPhone to date. The new A12 Bionic chipset on the iPhone uses less energy and crunches more data in less time than any iPhone in the past. This translates into a faster iPhone which has a greatly improved battery life com- pared to your current iPhone. The facts are undeniable. The new iPhone XS is the perfect iPhone for measuring stockpiles with Stockpile Reports. Information courtesy of Stockpile Reports, Note: The iPhone XS Max was used for all testing. The iPhone XR and XS will produce the same results.

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