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APR 2019

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44 • ROCK products • April 2019 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY LOADOUT & DRONES When it comes to over-the-road trucks, why replace all six fuel injectors when only one has gone bad? Because chang- ing out six injectors at one time can actually prove to be more cost effective than replacing just the sluggish one, according to Mack Trucks. Here's the reason: fuel injectors wear at approximately the same rate. So when one fails, the others likely aren't far behind. While the wear process often begins with a clog, it can quickly progress to O-ring failure. This, in turn, creates a host of vehicle perfor- mance issues, such as fuel leaks, hard starts, increased fuel consumption, rough idling and lower emissions performance. By replacing all six injectors at once, you'll realize several cost-saving bene- fits. You'll also reduce excess downtime by performing a single, planned main- tenance event instead of scheduling a repair each time an injector fails. Want to boost your savings even more? Choose a REMACK Six-Pack Injector Kit, which is less expensive than buying six individual REMACK injectors. Here are five more reasons why REMACK Six-Pack Injector Kits are the best choice for your fleet operations: 1. Through improved fuel economy, you can realize almost $4,000 in savings per year when you install a REMACK Six-Pack Injector Kit – enough to cover the cost of the kit itself. 2. Each remanufactured component used in a REMACK fuel injector undergoes a specialized ultrasonic cleaning that removes deposits and reveals wear. 3. Each injector and its components are 100 percent tested and inspected for optimum quality, performance and function. 4. All REMACK fuel injectors have 100 percent new spill and nozzle control valves and tips. 5. An MP Series REMACK Six-Pack Injector Kit comes with every- thing needed to complete a fuel injector service, including new stain- less-steel fuel injector sleeves, cups, O-rings and paste. REMACK fuel injectors meet OE-qual- ity specifications and are tested on the same equipment as OE fuel injectors. Whether purchased individually or in a six pack, REMACK fuel injectors are backed by a one-year, unlimited-mile warranty when installed by an autho- rized Mack dealer. The Mack dealer network is the only authorized supplier of fuel injectors specifically made for model year 2007 and newer Mack engines. Contact your local dealer to order a REMACK Six- Pack Injector Kit. Mack Trucks, Tenna Launches the TennaGO Tracker Tenna, a technology company that was built by contractors for contractors to enable them to find more value across their inventory of equipment, vehicles and physical assets pro- moted its new cellular GPS tracking product, the TennaGO, at The World of Asphalt and AGG1 shows. Ideal for tracking heavy equipment and machines that provide power sources, the TennaGO cellular trackers pro- vide precise GPS tracking and management for high-value heavy yellow iron machines. TennaGO cellular trackers use IoT technology to connect equipment to the Tenna App on a mobile device for autonomous real-time tracking and monitoring. "This is our second time at World of Asphalt and after feed- back from asphalt, highway and street contractors, I believe that we are innovating to meet the growing needs of these contractors who realize how tracking technology can help them achieve their business goals. The future of the construc- tion industry is one that is adoptive of new technologies. We will continue to develop products and solutions that address the equipment and tool tracking challenges faced in the field," said Austin Conti, CEO and founder of Tenna. With TennaGO customers see location, asset details, use history, maintenance records and can manage assets from anywhere with Tenna's mobile web interface. This device includes multiple sensors to effectively and accurately detect and relay the asset data that managers want to see. This helps companies reduce costs, save valuable time and generate meaningful data to improve their equipment management and operations processes. Tenna, Mack Offers Six Reasons To Choose REMACK Injector Kits

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