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JUN 2019

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32 • ROCKproducts • June 2019 Rango Inc. a track hoe or loading truck is waiting, then we're losing money." Not only does the combination of uptime and power make this machine a winner for Rango, but the ease of transportation makes a bottom-line difference as well. "We go from job-to-job with our busi- ness model. With some competitor machines out there, you might need 12 heavy haul trucks, cranes and multiple people to move a machine," McQuade said. "That can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The 1200-7 is easy to move and then put back together, which is a benefit for us as well." For the growing array of work Rango digs into, the EX1200-7 provides the versatility they need for many job sites. "The 1200-7 is phenomenal and very versatile," McQuade said. "Whether it's hard digging or soft digging, you know you can configure the bucket so that the horsepower behind the machine, the hydraulics and everything in the design just lets you be the best you can be. That's why we've stayed with this line and purchased the new Dash-7." Johnson is pleased with the new machine as well and explained that the speed and breakout power of the EX1200-7 is what makes it extraordinary. "I can't emphasize enough how fast these machines are. It's an EX1200 and it feels like you're running a machine that's half the size," Johnson said. "It's going to run as fast as I want it to run, and I'm going to be able to get as many loads out in the day as I can with that machine, even through caliche and the tough stuff." Since Rango works heavily in aggre- gates, having an excavator powerful enough to dig through tough conglom- erate has a huge impact on productivity. "The breakout power of the Hitachi is just phenomenal," Johnson said. "With other machines, when you hit tough caliche, it feels like they power out. The bucket would stop and sometimes lift the whole machine up off the ground, tracks and all. With the Hitachis, they just keep going." The Power of People and Equipment McQuade contributes some of the suc- cess and growth of their company to the culture Rango has built. He said it's not only about new machines, but also the operators running them. "Our people and how we treat them is what makes the difference between a good company and just an okay com- pany," McQuade said. "Everyone can buy the best equipment made in the world, but the difference is your people."' That said, the EX1200 series is now a staple in Rango's formula for success. "If I was going to give advice to some- one out there as far as equipment or model selection," McQuade said, "I would tell them to not buy any Hitachis at all because Rango is going to need the next dozen they produce." S This article first appeared in Hitachi's BREAKOUT magazine, Spring 2019 issue. | 814.835.6000 Heavy-Duty Vibratory Feeders a y u y Vibratory Feeders Mechanical & Electromagnetic Feeders • Feeds stockpile hoppers • For the toughest environments • Wear-resistant & non-stick liner Electromagnetic Feeders • No wear parts • Energy efficient AC operation Mechanical Feeders • Low profile design • Faster feed rates for highest capacities

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