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JUN 2019

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44 • ROCKproducts • June 2019 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY MATERIAL HANDLING & CONVEYING Superior Industries Inc. published a 50-page conveyor components accesso- ries catalog. The manufacturer says the catalog includes data related to product part numbers, measurements, weights, replacement data and more. Compo- nents distributors, original equipment manufacturers and dry bulk material producers are invited to access a PDF copy of the catalog at "We think the catalog will really sim- plify and speed the ordering process for our customers," said Mary Erholtz, Superior's vice president of marketing. "As we continue to expand our conveyor components product offering, this useful tool will grow in size and scope." Current offerings in the catalog include: • Exterra Belt Cleaners. • Impact Beds. • Transition Zone Solutions. • Belt Covers. • Sensors and Scales. • Auto Greasers. • Safety Solutions. In addition to the new accessories cat- alog, Superior's Components Division publishes similar catalogs for its lines of conveyor idlers and pulleys as well. Superior Industries, Why Install Dust Collectors Even If It Is Not Required? The most basic reason to install dust collectors is because the EPA, OSHA or other regulatory agency requires you to. However, according to Aerodyne Environmental, there are other rea- sons to install a dust collector even if you aren't required to. Health and Safety – Dust can cause health issues, even if the material isn't a carcinogen or sub-micron. Dusty air can cause issues breathing, allergies, etc. All of this can cause operators to be sick more often or want a new job. This can cause increased operating expenses and less efficiency as you have to cover for absences or have to train a replacement. Small local dust collectors can help clean the air around operators. Some dust is explosive, and the regu- latory agencies are requiring that you test the dust to make sure it isn't. Even if they haven't gotten around to it yet, a fire or explosion will cause prop- erty damage and possibly injury to employees. Maintenance – Dust will get into mechanical equipment and cause increased wear on them. This increases the maintenance on the equipment, lower productivity and increase oper- ational expenses. Installing a local dust collector can minimize the dust getting to the sur- rounding equipment, thereby extending their life. While there are many factors that affect when equipment needs maintenance, minimizing dust in the air will definitely help extend the time between maintenance. Recycling of Material – Local dust col- lection can help capture product/raw material dust before it is contaminated by other material. This dust can then be reused or recycled, thereby lowering the cost of your process. Cyclonic dust collectors are especially good at collecting uncontaminated material since they have no filters to retain dusts and can be cleaned out. Environmental Responsibility – Local dust collection will help you keep fugi- tive dust from escaping the building and into the environment. While rain and wind often deposit dust back on the ground, the more dust escaping will cause the air to be dirtier. Higher Morale – A cleaner, healthier environment will help your employees be happier at work. If they aren't irri- tated from dusty air, there is a better chance they will enjoy work better and be more productive. Aerodyne Environmental, Superior Conveyor Components Accessories Catalog Simplifies Ordering

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