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Page 48 of 91 ROCKproducts • June 2019 • 47 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY LOADOUT & DRONES Flyability announced the launch of Elios 2, a new generation of confined space inspection UAVs that takes indoor inspection to the next level. One of the product's applications is under- ground mines. "At the heart of Flyability products lies collision-tolerance. It is the true enabler to gathering data in the intricate and hostile places where our customers are searching for insights," said Patrick Thévoz, CEO of Flyability. Perpetuating this uniqueness, Elios 2 features intuitive flight operation and unsurpassed data collection capa- bilities to safely and easily inspect dangerous and confined spaces while delivering the actionable data needed to make critical maintenance and cer- tification decisions. Since the launch of its first Elios plat- form in 2016, Flyability has quickly become the industry leader in remote aerial inspection of confined spaces. "To date, more than 550 Elios drones have been deployed at over 350 sites to inspect critical infrastructure for industries as diverse as power genera- tion, mining, oil and gas, and chemical, even operating in radioactive areas of nuclear plants," Thévoz said. "While Flyability's expertise is in drone tech- nologies, we are really in the business of keeping people safe and reducing asset downtime." Building upon years of customer feedback, Flyability has learned the importance of building tools that can be used by anyone, that provide unques- tionable data quality, and that can replicate techniques used by seasoned inspectors in the field. "In developing Elios 2 we asked our users to chal- lenge us. With their critical feedback, we went back to the drawing board to design, from the ground up, the ultimate indoor inspection drone they had dreamt about," said Adrien Briod, co-founder and CTO of Flyability. "The result is an intuitive-to-fly drone fitted with an unobstructed 4K camera that can hover in place to spot sub-millime- ter cracks. It performs reliably in GPS denied environment, in dark, dusty and troubled airflows, beyond line of sight, and particularly in places that no other drone can access." Flyability, Covia Transforms Mine Planning with Kespry Covia – with more than 3,000 employees operating more than 50 plants and 94 terminals – is one of the largest solution providers in the industrial sand industry. The company has been working with Kespry, utilizing its drone-based data solutions. Covia's Tunnel City mine uses Kespry's drone-based aerial analytics platform for consistent and effective mine plan- ning that has helped with better decision making for their operations. "Prior to using Kespry, we had a GPS survey system," said Nick DeHaan, continuous improvement manager at Covia. "It was basically a backpack and a rod. With the GPS, the surveyor had to go out and walk everything manually. Because of that, we would typically measure the sites maybe once a year to get a topo and ortho photos. We got Kespry because we wanted to improve safety and efficiency. We wanted better planning and numbers. We wanted better numbers all around, so we didn't have to do any re-work. Also, before, we'd get the GPS raw data in and then we'd have to figure out the contours ourselves. With Kespry, the contours are identified for us, which also makes things more accurate." Covia has been using Kespry to fly its sites on a weekly basis, which has made a major difference for operational efficiency. "I used to have to take a week off from my regular work duties to walk the site and then we'd have to deal with the data on our own," said DeHaan. "Using Kespry, that whole thing can get done in one day, including the data processing which Kespry delivers. We've been able to do weekly flights, which means we're able to achieve a much greater level of accuracy without seriously impacting productivity like the old GPS system. Also, with Kespry, a picture's worth a thou- sand words. We're able to take those pictures of our sites and explain things to our staff and customers so much more easily now. It makes everything run smoother." Kespry, Flyability Drone for Confined Spaces

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