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AUG 2019

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FEATURE ROCK products • August 2019 • 83 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Sessions The Importance of Real-Time Cement Particle Characterization and How It Improves Your Bottom Line A.J. DeCenso, Preferred Process Solutions, LLC Measuring particle size is a key component of the quality control process in any modern cement plant. Consistent particle size helps ensure a high-performance product with reliable cement strength. In this presentation, we will exam- ine how one cement company used an innovative in-process particle size analyzer to automatically extract samples from their process, analyze them in real time and deliver a com- plete particle size distribution as often as once per second. Safe Conversion to Natural Gas Ricardo Costa, FCT Combustion Inc. In this session, FCT Combustion discusses safe conversion to natural gas. The company is a world leader in optimizing high-temperature processing plants to realize new levels of performance for productivity, emission control, fuel effi- ciency and flexibility to meet ever-changing requirements. Its pyro-processing products and expertise are all based on proven and scientifically validated techniques, helping global customers be competitive as their needs and indus- try conditions change. Its designs, engineering and prod- uct range are used in the world's most competitive mineral processing plants. Alternative Fuel Handling Systems for Cement Plants Brian Giese, BEUMER Group. Cement, and similar compounds, have a particularly ener- gy intensive manufacturing process. Today, more and more operations are seeking new ways to fuel their facility, in an effort to reduce costs and be more environmentally con- scious. Operations like these have been able to reduce the use of primary fuels, such as coal and oil, by using various alternative fuels and raw materials such as industry/house- hold waste, biomass and used tires. This session will introduce the alternative fuel and raw material concept, as well as how to integrate it into the overall facility. Attendees will also have the chance to expe- rience firsthand the successful implementation of an alter- native fuel system at Aalborg Portland Cement. 2:30 – 3:00 p.m. Afternoon Break on Show Floor 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Sessions Driving Efficiencies in Cement Plants Leveraging Advanced Logistics and Auto Replenishment David Boardman, Stockpile Reports The implications that stockpiles have on your financials and business operations are critical ones. This session will help attendees blend the best of advanced software with the intel- ligence of experienced humans. Learn about no-touch inven- tory management. Thousands of customers are regularly managing their inventory with drones or an iPhone app. Based on the automation and intelligence built into the system dis- cussed, inventories are happening faster, more consistently, everywhere, resulting in fewer write-offs and swift resolutions with customers, auditors and accountants. Tens of thousands of verified reports are shared every year between: measur- ers, managers, operations, and finance, all working together around in-depth reports and common goals. Applying Computer Vision to Facilities and Vehicle Management Anthony Tarantino PhD, Atollogy Inc., USA Atollogy leverages sensors, computer vision and artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency, process adherence, and safety for the bulk materials industry. Cus- tomers can save up to 17% in cycle time within the first 10 weeks of implementing these solutions. This session will help attendees discover: • Ability to truly understand the activities of trucks in the yard, regardless of truck ownership. • Alert on safety hazards & breaches to comply with regu- latory requirements. • Facts to operators to make on the spot improvements to customer experience. • Deep analytics to support objective sales positioning. • Actionable insights on process/flow changes in facility. Make Real-Time Inventory Your Reality Mike Mossage, Regional Vice President, Eastern U.S. BinMaster Technology advancements have transformed measuring and monitoring inventory of cement, aggregates and sand. Non-contact sensors don't interfere with equipment and ICSE

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