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JUN 2013

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side facilitator is objective and has the ability to look at it that way. Insiders have a tough time seeing the for‐ est for the trees. Work with the facilitator to determine your objectives for the teambuilding, to keep you on track, and en‐ sure that the activity is tied to the company objectives. In summary, teambuilding is more than a boondoggle if you plan and carry it out correctly. Just like any other activity in business, it should have a purpose that benefits both the participants and the company. E Four Concepts Define Key Leadership Responsibilities Managers learn the rules that define their basic responsibilities by responding to this question: "What's wrong, and what specific steps do I need to take to fix it?" So, when senior management passes down mandates, timelines and goals, the manager's job is to work within the prescribed corporate framework to produce results. Leaders, on the other hand, self-direct, craft a vision, make plans, achieve goals, build cohesiveness and inspire others while holding themselves personally accountable for their area of the company. The question they respond to is: "What's possible here, and who cares?" Management and leadership responsibilities often overlap, but leadership is defined in a completely different context. Leaders' responsibilities lie in four key areas: self-direction, goal achievement, flexibility and inspiring greatness in others. Leaders recognize that these responsibilities are taken care of through the four actions below. Gain the Cooperation of Others. Listen and Learn Well. Put the Needs of Others First. Perform Consistently. – Timothy F. Bednarz, Ph.D. ROCKproducts • JUNE 2013 43

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