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JUN 2013

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PR Engages the Community Public relations as a profession has many unique services that help an aggregates operation manage its relationships with external publics, that is, with shareholders, customers, legislators and the community. The highest-level concern of public relations is the reputation of the company. This issue crosses public groups. Reputation is addressed in a number of ways. News stories that show the company in a positive light contribute to its positive reputation. Corporate donations and sponsorships and other demonstrations of good will support reputation as well. And on another level, reputation is established by the degree of professionalism of executives and lobbyists when they interact with other business and political leaders. While public relations counsel works to create a good reputation, it also contributes to the positive reputation of the organization by anticipating and preventing actions that might harm its reputation. Wise public relations professionals will never lie to or even mislead the news media or the public. Honesty is the first principle of a good reputation. This means that when a reporter contacts the public relations department about a negative story, the public relations practitioner may argue the company's position but, in the case of a company problem, will admit guilt rather than tarnish the reputation for honest, timely communication. VULCAN IS HIRING Vulcan Materials Company, based in Birmingham, Alabama, provides infrastructure materials that are required by the American economy. Vulcan is the nation's largest producer of construction aggregates, a major producer of other construction materials including asphalt and ready-mixed concrete and a leading producer of cement in Florida. We are currently looking for leaders who have strong decision-making and technical skills. Some of those positions include: project engineers, project managers, equipment operators, maintenance mechanics, electricians, truck drivers. FOR IMMEDIATE OPENINGS SEE OUR CAREER SITE AT WWW.VULCANMATERIALS.COM/CAREERS. Another contribution is creating a general public awareness of the organization. This is done through events, press and video news releases, and by sending representatives into the community to participate in civic events. While issues of reputation and name recognition will always have to focus mainly on news outlets, they are also the subject of official company forays into social media. In addition to the press release, the radio interview, and the speech to the Rotary Club, the public relations department also may sponsor a Twitter account, a blog, and an interactive corporate web site. Every crisis has a public relations component. In the event of a physical crisis, it is the public relations professional who is best able to develop and implement the communication processes required to orchestrate evacuations and relocations and to anticipate a time, location, and an agenda for addressing the news media about the crisis. In the case of a crisis of reputation, almost everything falls under the domain of public relations professionals. They can assess a problem, project possible outcomes, and plan and implement processes to address and mitigate the issue through the news media and ultimately for all of the company's publics. This includes developing message strategy, holding media conferences, prepping executives to address the media, and monitoring and adjusting to public feedback. ROCKproducts • JUNE 2013 45

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