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OCT 2014

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I t takes strength to rise above recession. Deep dips in the economy can be the end of the road for businesses that aren't prepared. But for those that plan ahead and adapt, it can mean a fresh start down a new path that makes the business even stronger than it was before. Riverside Sand Co., a family‐owned busi‐ ness out of Wallace, N.C., is one company that, in the end, came out ahead. For more than 25 years, Riverside spe‐ cialized in processing sand and gravel for use in brick projects, playgrounds, golf courses and concrete precasting. The company also had a trucking divi‐ sion for delivering ordered materials to customers. It was the one thing that kept Riverside from being a one‐chan‐ nel company. After a quarter of a century, the company had its trucking and sand and gravel op‐ erations down to a T. But Riverside Vice President Wade Norris knew such a nar‐ row focus could be dangerous long term. He began looking into options for the next move. Little did Norris know at the time, but the steps he took then to diversify would not only keep the company in business through the recession, but also would be the pivotal point in shaping Riverside's future. Staying Alive Norris researched new markets and ma‐ chinery and saw an opportunity to ex‐ pand into asphalt and concrete markets. His new business venture began when the owner of a North Carolina business shut his doors and put his equipment up for sale, including an 18‐year‐old IROCK RDS‐15 closed‐circuit plant, which incor‐ porates both a screener and a crusher. Norris traveled to the business owner's site to see the unit in action. Riverside had been operating with a sta‐ tionary impact crusher from a different manufacturer. While it appeared to be meeting his needs, Norris was just seeing a hint of the productivity the company had been missing out on. One look at the IROCK unit, and it was immediately clear the machine was efficient and had several features that would remarkably increase efficiency. For example, after the initial round of screening, operators can set the ma‐ chine to automatically return both decks of oversized material back to the crusher for additional sizing, whereas Riverside's previous system required an extra person and an additional loader or excavator to pick up oversized materials and manually re‐feed the crusher. While it might sound simple, this feature alone would help the busi‐ ness reduce expenses and boost pro‐ duction by as much as 20 percent. Branching Out Further He also saw that it would help Riverside branch out even further than he hoped and allow the company to perform con‐ tract work along the coast. With the portable unit, he and his team could es‐ sentially go where the work was, rather than wait for it to come to them. This was possible because the crushing plant's Rapid Deployment System (RDS) makes the unit exceptionally portable, not to mention quick and easy to set up – key benefits if the Riverside crew were to take the unit on the road. RIVERSIDE SAND ROCK products • OCTOBER 2014 18 Forging Forward By Mark S. Kuhar Crusher Helps Riverside Sand Diversify and Nail a New Market Niche. After the purchase of the RDS-15, Riverside was able to process recycled asphalt and concrete, two brand-new markets for the little Wallace company.

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