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Page 30 of 67 ROCK products • OCTOBER 2014 29 downloaded to a computer which has the EVADE software installed, using a specific management site defined nomenclature to identify the miner. When the EVADE program is opened, the top menu bar provides the follow‐ ing options: File, Bookmarks, Playback, View, Options, and Help. The user chooses "File" and then has the follow‐ ing options: Open, New, Export Book‐ marks, and Exit. From this list, the user chooses the "New" tab and then directs the software to the location of the video and dust data files. The "New" tab is used when performing an analysis for the first time. (Note: It is important that the video file be in either the avi or mp4 file format, and that the dust data file be in csv format. The video file and dust file must also be located in the same file folder on the computer for EVADE to successfully merge these two files.) Once the "EVADE" user's screen ap‐ pears with the video in the upper right‐ hand portion, the program is ready to be used to perform the dust exposure as‐ sessment (see Figure 2). Retrieving Recorded Data When the "Start" button is activated, the video starts to play in the upper right‐hand corner of the screen. Across the bottom of the screen, the dust data is shown. In the graph, a vertical green bar is visible in the center of the screen that shows the exact dust data point which corresponds with the video data being shown. One extremely useful feature of the EVADE software is the zoom function, which allows viewing of the dust data in a wide spectrum range on the screen based on the level of detailed desired. By sliding the zoom tab, the viewing screen can range from a few seconds to multiple hours. To allow easily retrievable access to the highest exposure data, the EVADE soft‐ ware program automatically creates bookmarks for the five highest dust concentration peaks, as well offers as the option of creating additional book‐ marks. Users can easily create and label their own bookmarks if they wish. These bookmarks are especially bene‐ ficial for safety meetings and other pre‐ sentations, allowing presenters to quickly advance to segments of the video and dust data to show elevated exposures. Another method used to advance through EVADE footage is the "Scroll" option and "Drag" function. This allows the user to quickly move through the footage without having to watch the data in real‐time. A final noteworthy feature of the EVADE software is the use of screenshots. Screenshots are jpg files that depict ex‐ actly what the EVADE screen is show‐ ing when the screenshot is created. These screenshots are especially bene‐ ficial for safety meetings and other pre‐ sentations. The image files can be inserted easily into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, and they were used to create the figures representing the EVADE software in this article. There are many additional functions and options available with this software, and NIOSH has published a report entitled "Guidelines for Performing a Helmet‐ CAM Respirable Dust Survey and Con‐ ducting Subsequent Analysis with the Enhanced Video Analysis of Dust Expo‐ sure (EVADE) Software" [Reed et al. 2014]. The EVADE software is available under Helmet‐CAM at NIOSH's website: Validation of Technology The initial field test of this new tech‐ nology was performed at Unimin's Gore Facility located in Gore, Va. After a num‐ ber of issues were identified and re‐ solved from this field test, NIOSH performed a number of additional field studies to evaluate the effectiveness of the Helmet‐CAM technology as a method of determining elevated res‐ pirable dust exposures for miners. To date, more than 100 different indi‐ viduals have worn the Helmet‐CAM unit with only one worker refusing to continue wearing the unit after about an hour because he stated that it was hurting his back. In a number of cases, after a worker was allowed to view the EVADE software footage of the video and respirable dust data merged together, the worker asked to wear the unit again on the second day of testing Figure 3 - Left side shows screenshot of EVADE software of miner performing manual deployment of scraper device with high peak in dust exposure shown in the bottom of the screen; right side shows photo of new pneumatic system to eliminate worker performing the task.

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