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NOV 2014

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ROCK products • NOVEMBER 2014 32 New Technologies AUTOMATION & ENERGY EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY Vulcan Materials Chooses SciQuest For Automation Solutions SciQuest, a leading provider of cloud‐ based business automation solutions for spend management, announced that Vulcan Materials has selected the com‐ pany to help with spend analysis and management. Using SciQuest's Spend Radar solution, Vulcan Materials now has reporting visibility into spend cate‐ gories related to their Accounts Payable, Purchase Order and PCard transactions. SciQuest's Spend Radar allows cus‐ tomers, including Vulcan Materials, to conduct the comprehensive analysis necessary to drive and measure cost savings. Vulcan's procurement profes‐ sionals are now able to build critical re‐ ports with only three clicks – a process that sometimes took weeks prior to using SciQuest. By providing clean, ac‐ tionable spend analytics data, particu‐ larly through grouping duplicate sup‐ pliers together and automated classifi‐ cation of transactions, SciQuest delivers timely access to quality organization‐ wide spend from all spend data sources. "We were looking for a solution that would correctly classify and consoli‐ date data from a lot of different pay‐ ment mechanisms, from PCard to Purchase Order," said Pete Roberts, di‐ rector, procurement at Vulcan Materi‐ als. "We had struggled for years trying to classify our spend efficiently in order to identify savings opportuni‐ ties. Spend Radar has provided an in‐ tuitive and efficient service to meet that need. We appreciate the profes‐ sionalism and efficiency that the SciQuest team has put into this project and are seeing fast results." "It was important that Vulcan be able to classify their data to the line‐item detail in order to get a very detailed and accu‐ rate view of their spending," said Michelle Perkins, product marketing manager at SciQuest. "Our solution is allowing Vulcan to visualize high‐qual‐ ity, high‐volume spend analytics data in days instead of weeks." SciQuest, Rockwell Touts Safe Torque Off Technology A new safe torque off option within the Allen‐Bradley PowerFlex 7000 medium‐ voltage drive from Rockwell Automa‐ tion helps industrial manufacturers and equipment builders simplify their func‐ tional safety design and meet the de‐ mands of international safety standards. Safe torque off technology allows users to reliably remove power from the motor without removing power to the drive, enabling a faster re‐start of the system after a safe state is reached. "Medium‐voltage drives often run the most critical assets in an operation. Start‐ ing and stopping a drive repeatedly using input disconnect devices can create sig‐ nificant downtime and cause wear on these critical assets," said Mark Banas, product manager, Rockwell Automation. "Medium‐voltage‐drive users can now help keep operations running and pro‐ vide a safer work environment with cer‐ tified safe torque off technology." When a safe torque off command is is‐ sued in the drive, from a user or a de‐ mand on the functional safety system, the PowerFlex 7000 drive immediately removes rotational power to the motor, ceasing the process. The drive stays powered and reliably monitors this "safe" state, ensuring no unintended op‐ eration of the motor is possible. Rockwell Automation engineers de‐ signed the safe torque off option directly into the drive control, greatly simplifying setup and system design for functional safety. It works side by side with the drive's control functions and does not re‐ quire additional electromechanical com‐ ponents. This helps eliminate wiring needs, and lower users' hardware inven‐ tory and installation costs. Ideal for industrial applications, such as material‐handling conveyors and grind‐ ing mills, the PowerFlex 7000 drive with safe torque off is TÜV‐certified. It is also certified to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 of IEC 6150, and Performance Level e (PLe), Category 3 of ISO 13849‐1, the highest levels achievable for drives. "Our customers are looking for more ways to make their operations safer and meet this growing trend toward certified functional safety. The medium‐voltage safe torque off option matches what the low‐voltage PowerFlex drives have been delivering," said Banas. "Current users of the PowerFlex 7000 drive can now retro‐ fit their systems to add the option." The PowerFlex 7000 drive also offers the option of enhanced torque control capabil‐ ities with Allen‐Bradley TorqProve technol‐ ogy. Well‐suited for heavy‐industry applications – such as hoists, draglines, winches and test stands – the TorqProve technology can deliver 100 percent torque at zero speed. The drive's control delivers the higher drive speed and torque response required for vertical lifting applications. Rockwell Automation,

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