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AUG 2012

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EQUIPMENT + & TECHNOLOGY Belt Feeders The Model MH weigh belt feeder from Thayer Scale is capable of accurately measuring and controlling feed rates up to 3,000 tph. The feeder is specifically designed to survive the harsh industrial environments that are associated with the ce‐ ment, mining and power (coal) industries, and incorporates a unique design feature that results in high accuracy, reliable per‐ formance, and extremely stable calibration. Weighing is done through Thayer's patented low deflection, non‐wearing FMSS (Force Measurement Suspension System) weight sensing scale. The weight transducer is located outside the feeder enclosure making the scale less susceptible to damage, easier to clean, and less prone to tar build‐up. In addition, the Heavy Duty Weigh Belt Feeders allow for easy "re‐rating" of the feeder capacity should material or density change. All changes can be easily ac‐ complished in the field providing unsurpassed flexibility in re‐ rating the feeder for new or changing requirements. Thayer Scale, Portable Pump Thompson Pump has introduced the 6‐in., high‐head 6JCC pump. The portable 6JCC delivers 1,100 gal./min, high heads to 490 ft. and 212 psi with auto‐ matic initial priming and re‐priming. The 6JCC is ideal for high pressure applications such as supply for hy‐ draulic fracturing, washdowns, and tank cleaning in markets such as construction, mining, and oil and gas. Additionally, the 6JCC offers Thompson Pump's exclu‐ sive Enviroprime System. This system provides reli‐ able, automatic initial priming and re‐priming with the environmental advantage of not spilling pump flu‐ ids during operation unlike other models on the mar‐ ket. Other options such as Thompson's Silent Knight sound attenuated canopy, accessories, applications assistance and alternatives are available. Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Co. Inc., Slurry Density Meter The non‐nuclear density meter, Sciam DM3, incorpo‐ rates continuous bi‐directional, in‐line density meas‐ urement of slurries in pipes up to 40 in. Designed to replace nuclear domain gauges in the dredging indus‐ try, DM3 is proven to be safer and more cost effective than hazardous nuclear techniques making it a refresh‐ ing, green alternative, notes Sciam Worldwide. The DM3 series measures, transmits and displays wet den‐ sity, or Specific Gravity (sg) and percent of dry solids of slurries. The mass of the slurry is continuously meas‐ ured using patented, high resolution density trans‐ ducer as the slurry passes through an obstruction free flow tube. The flow tube is of optimum length to pro‐ vide a truly representative continuous sample of the slurry. Outstanding accuracy and repeatable sensing is ensured as the density signal is interrogated 110 times per second with a 45 millisecond response time. Addi‐ tionally, DM3 boasts vibration and temperature insen‐ sitivity and has a low natural frequency to absorb external vibration. Sciam Worldwide, 50 ROCKproducts • AUGUST 2012

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