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AUG 2012

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Welding Helmets The newly redesigned Arc Armor Titanium Series welding hel‐ mets for heavy‐use/high‐amperage applications in fabrication, manufacturing and construction, feature InfoTrack technology. This Miller Electric Mfg. Co.‐exclusive feature allows the opera‐ tor to track arc‐on time and provides a digital clock with the ability to set alarms and timers. New headgear improves com‐ fort and adjustability and has been tested to withstand ex‐ treme use. The new external grind button featured on the Titanium 7300 and Titanium 9400 allows welders to switch to grind mode without ever lifting their helmets, improves pro‐ ductivity and minimizes exposure to environmental hazards. All‐new digital controls with larger displays and intuitive design allow the welder to adjust modes, shade levels, delay and sensitivity. The helmets also come with a three‐ year warranty. Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Safety Monitoring Filters Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) has ex‐ panded its line of inte‐ grated safety monitoring filters (SMF) for Gold Series cartridge dust collectors. In addi‐ tion to the current HEPA filters, the company now offers ASHRAE‐ grade filters where a more economical option is needed. Conveniently integrated on top of the collector, these after‐fil‐ ter modules prevent col‐ lected dust from re‐entering the work‐ space if there should be a leak in the dust collec‐ tor's primary filtering system. The new ASHRAE filter module incorporates two Camfil Farr Riga‐Flo filters rated at 95 percent ASHRAE efficiency (MERV 14) and capable of handling 2650 cfm (4248 cmh) of air per filter. The HEPA filter module has the same design and capacity but incorporates filters rated to remove 99.97 percent of airborne par‐ ticles of 0.3 micron in diameter and larger. Both versions allow con‐ venient access to the after‐filters and easy change‐out via the same platform used to access the primary filters. The integrated SMF design allows the total foot‐ print of the dust collec‐ tion system to be reduced. Camfil Farr APC, Service Trackers The ST‐570‐HZ is a powered‐active RFID tracking device that wirelessly identifies in‐ dividual equipment, al‐ lowing worksite managers to automati‐ cally track the location and activity of all capi‐ tal assets. The device works seamlessly with any OEM GoPod data capture hub to record machine transactions of all types, such as vehicle identification, and the distribution of fuel and other service consumables. It also generates data that is critical for inventory allocation and management, and for maintenance and repair scheduling. The ST‐570‐HZ incorporates two unique features – battery‐free and "drive‐by" data capture. The device draws energy from the individual machine it inter‐ faces with making it battery‐free. Drive‐by data capture con‐ venience is achieved by the device automatically identifying itself to nearby superintendent, fuel and/or service vehicles equipped with any type of GoPOD System. The ST‐570‐HZ was engineered for rugged, extended, outdoor service, and has a working range of ‐40 C to +70 C. Additionally, it is sealed and tested for dust and water resistance to IP67. OEM Data Delivery, ROCKproducts • AUGUST 2012 51

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