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34 • ROCK products • June 2017 RAIL EQUIPMENT W hen Ned Snead founded the Georgetown Rail Equip- ment Co. (GREX) in 1993, he was aware that technology was transforming the rail industry. That led him to invent the DumpTrain aggregate delivery system. It was a breakthrough in productivity, capable of delivering more than 2,000 tph of ballast with pinpoint accuracy using a single operator. Ten years later GREX introduced a new innovation called Aurora. This 3-D track inspection system uses laser technol- ogy and state-of-the-art cameras to spot track and tie flaws before they cause costly problems. Innovations like these have positioned GREX as the rail indus- try's leading think tank. CEO William "Wiggie" Shell has more than 40 years of experience in the rail industry. He's assem- bled a team of some of the best and brightest minds in the industry around him. Together, they continue to pursue the mission of creating real rail solutions that boost the safety and efficiency of track maintenance for their customers. Today, GREX is a thriving company of more than 130 employ- ees serving customers in North America and across the globe. "Our reputation has enabled us to partner with other indus- try pioneers to stay at the cutting edge and develop new technologies for our customers," the company stated. In creating the DumpTrain, GREX worked successfully with Van der Graaf, which has been manufacturing drum motors for the past 30 years in the United States and Canada. "Our company is a service provider for the most part," said Charlie Aaron, director of engineering for GREX. "We build trains of a specific type that are designed to deliver rock, then lease those to the railroads with an operator." Streamlining Delivery "DumpTrain streamlines aggregate delivery so you can get in, get to work, and get back to freight or passenger opera- tions in no time," according to the company. Using a single DumpTrain, one GREX operating technician can unload aggregate at a rate of up to 2,000 tph – and do it with pin- point accuracy up to 52 ft. from the center line of the track. Material from each car is unloaded onto a single conveyor belt that runs the entire length of the train allowing for continu- ous delivery. That dramatic boost in productivity, efficiency and accuracy makes light work of even the heaviest delivery jobs and frees up crews to tackle more important tasks. "Some people call it a belt train," Aaron said. "It is a series of hopper cars with actuated gates to dump rock onto a conveyor belt. Each car holds roughly 100 tons of rock. We can configure a train of any length, but most of ours are configured for 1,500 tons, or 15 cars. When the car's gates open, the rock falls onto the belt, and the belt carries it to the front of the train. At the front end of the train is what we call a stacker car – a car with a boom on it that can rotate a little beyond 180 degrees. It can unload onto stockpiles, or in windrows, but you can get the rock about 50 ft. from the track. Railroads use this very effectively to fill in a washout, for instance." DumpTrain was developed 25 years ago. "When it was devel- oped, there was a single belt that ran the length of the train," Aaron said. "But that didn't operate on a curved track very well. So we developed the DumpTrain for Curves, which had an individual belt for each car." Rockin' The Rails Georgetown Rail Equipment Co. Delivers A Lot Of Aggregate With The Help Of Van der Graaf Extreme-Duty Drum Motors. By Mark S. Kuhar

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