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JUL 2017

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46 • ROCK products • July 2017 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY MAINTENANCE & WEAR PARTS Dellner Brakes AB introduced two new heavy-duty disc brakes to its SKD range that, through a new modular design, are set to deliver more choice and out- standing stopping power at extremely competitive prices for large industrial, marine and offshore applications. The new brakes are designed for stopping rotary motion and statically holding load in mining and industrial machinery. Dellner's new SKD 140 brake delivers braking force of up to 258 kN through two brake housings, each containing a powerful hydraulic piston and the SKD 4x140 brake com- bines two brake assemblies containing a total of four powerful hydraulic pis- tons to deliver braking force of up to 516 kN, making it Dellner's most pow- erful brake yet. Through its innovative modular design, Dellner can also provide larger systems, combining several brake assemblies or customised housings with several pistons, to deliver even more braking power, tailored specifi- cally for customers' needs. "These new SKD brakes have been developed and designed by Dellner's engineers at our innovation center in Sweden, using new manufactur- ing processes that are enabling us to offer these brakes to our customers at extremely competitive prices," said Marcus Åberg, Dellner Brakes AB CEO. "Our new SKD brakes deliver more stopping power than ever before and we are confident that this brand new modular design from Dellner Brakes will prove very popular with engineers and specifiers looking for powerful, cost-effective braking solu- tions for larger applications, both on and offshore. These new brakes are the latest in a long line of innovations from Dellner that includes the launch last year of the world's very first fully automated electrical 'stopping, turning and locking' (eSTL) system." The new SKD brakes feature cylindrical guide pins that transmit the tangential braking force from the brake lining to the brake housing and mounting stand. As a result, the brake pistons are not subject to any radial forces, which makes the brakes last much longer. The SKD 140 and 4x140 brakes come with a range of optional features includ- ing mounting brackets; double sealing kits; brake pads made from several different friction materials; indicators that show brake pad wear, whether the brake is on or off or needing adjust- ment; micro switches and electrical control boxes. Dellner Brakes, Postle Industries introduced a vana- dium–tungsten carbide hardfacing alloy for extreme abrasion – the PS-150 Vanguard, available as an open-arc welding wire. Postalloy PS-150 is a tubular metal-cored hardfacing wire that provides a dense, heterogeneous deposit of vanadium-tungsten car- bides, resulting in a great combination of abrasion and impact resistance that, according to the company, is superior to chromium carbide hardfacing alloys. The product is almost equal to tung- sten carbide in hardness, and half the weight. Abrasive testing indicates the wear resistance is twice as good as typ- ical chromium carbides. Unlike straight tungsten carbides, which are heavy and forced to the bottom of the weld puddle, the com- position of Postalloy PS-150 is ideally balanced to provide a uniform distri- bution of vanadium-tungsten carbides throughout a tough steel matrix that takes more impact than both chromium and tungsten carbides. It has a hardness range of 59 to 61 Rc, and a heat resis- tance up to 900 F. The PS-150 provides a much more consistent wear rate and is much more receptive to multiple re-applications, the company said. With proper procedures, weld layers are non-cracking and are easily rebuilt. Postalloy PS-150 Vanguard can be used for many different hardfacing applica- tions in mining, construction, recycling, dredging and forestry, and is ideal for hammer applications. Hardface Technologies by Postle manu- factures a wide range of wear-resistant solutions that find application in a variety of industries. The company's advanced hardfacing products, which have been engineered specifically for high wear environments, are available through their worldwide distribution network. Postle Industries Inc., Postle Industries Offers Hardfacing Alloy for Extreme Abrasion Dellner Launches New Heavy Duty SKD Disc Brakes

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