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54 • ROCK products • February 2018 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY MAINTENANCE & WEAR PARTS Miller Electric Mfg. Co. expanded its ArcReach remote-control technology to more engine-driven power sources in the Trailblazer and Big Blue fami- lies of products. ArcReach technology is now available on Trailblazer 325 power sources as well as Big Blue 600 Air Pak, 800 Duo Pro and 800 Duo Air Pak models, providing complete control of welding parameters at the weld joint – without a control cord. With the addition, ArcReach capabil- ities are now available or standard on nearly all products in the Big Blue lineup and on Trailblazer 325 models. The expansion provides greater flexi- bility and fleet compatibility in heavy industrial applications, including main- tenance and repair rigs, construction, mining maintenance, railroad mainte- nance and pipe welding. The same ArcReach accessories that work on ArcReach-equipped XMT and Dimension power sources are now also compatible with select Trailblazer and Big Blue engine-driven power sources – so companies can expand use of the technology with their existing accessories. In addition, legacy wire feeders and stick/TIG remotes will continue to work with the ArcReach- equipped machines, so companies can fully utilize their existing accessories and equipment until they are ready to replace or upgrade. "Miller is the only welding equipment manufacturer to offer this type of remote control technology in an engine- driven power source, and we've added even more ArcReach-compatible engine- drive options for greater flexibility," said Ben Froland, product manager, Power Systems Division, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. "The ability to adjust weld settings at the weld joint saves trips to and from the power source, and now more customers can realize the productivity, efficiency and safety benefits across their entire welding fleet." With several ArcReach accessories to choose from, welding operators can remotely set up and make process and parameter adjustments for stick, TIG, MIG, flux-cored and advanced wire pro- cesses all at the weld joint. This reduces the amount of time spent walking back and forth to the power supply to make changes, which significantly improves productivity while also providing ben- efits for welding operator safety on the jobsite. Miller Electric, Dieselcraft Test Kit Detects Water in Fuel Just because the fuel is clear and you do not see any water does not mean it is has zero water in it. Depending on the fuel blend and the amount of biodiesel, between 500 ppm and 1,500 ppm may be detected. A new water test kit from Die- selcraft finds hidden water in fuel. The kit consists of five, 10-ml test tubes with the reac- tion powder capsule in them and one transfer pipette. Test Procedure #1: • Remove one of the capsules from a test tube. • Do not put fuel on top of the capsule. •  Take fuel samples from as many locations you see fit using the pipette. • Add fuel to the empty tube first. Approximately 3/4 full. •  Take the capsule and open it and pour the continents (yellow powder) into your test vial with fuel. Put on the lid and shake for 10 seconds. • Do not open capsules until you are ready to test. You will collect moisture from the air and get a false reading. • Set the tube on the table to allow the mixture to settle and examine the results. 500 to 1,000 ppm water will give you pink spots in the powder. More than 1,000 ppm water will turn all the powder hot pink. Test Procedure #2: •  Take a larger sample in a glass jar. Take at least 3 fl. oz. and not more than 6 fl. oz. • Follow the same process. •  With a larger sample you will see that at 200 ppm you will see a few pink spots starting to show up in the powder. • At 500 ppm all the powder will take on a pink few and at 600+ ppm the power is now completely pink in color. Dieselcraft, ArcReach Technology Available on Additional Miller Welder/Generators

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