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NOV 2012

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ment in electric hybrid technology too, which actually began our hybrid development path several years ago." "Caterpillar has an extraordinary team of people working on hybrid technology solutions for the next generation of Cat hy‐ draulic excavators," added Gray. "They are from every corner of the world, are among the very best and brightest minds, and they are listening very closely to our customers. It's excit‐ ing for me to see their enthusiasm for this project and the quality product they have developed in the 336E H, and we're just getting started." "I am absolutely confident our engineers will continue to dis‐ cover and develop the best hybrid approaches for Caterpillar's extensive line of equipment and applications, whether that's some form of hydraulic or electric hybrid system or some‐ thing as of yet unknown," Utley added. "At Caterpillar, we don't simply engage in creating new technologies like the hy‐ draulic hybrid system just for technology's sake, or simply to prove that we can. Our technology strategy's focus never loses sight of what our research and development efforts can mean to our customers' success – today and in the future." Since the introduction of the 300 Series in 1994, the excava‐ tors have become standard in a large variety of general, quarry and heavy construction applications. Caterpillar intro‐ duced the standard 336E in 2010 as a direct replacement for the 336D. The 336E was introduced primarily to meet Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emissions standards, and like any new Cat machine, the 336E includes several enhancements over its predecessor, including more horsepower with greater fuel ef‐ ficiency, more lift capability, higher digging force and auto‐ matic after‐treatment regeneration. The 336E H has all of the same advantages of the 336E with the biggest difference between the two models being even greater fuel efficiency, according to the company. To achieve added fuel savings, the design of the 336E H uses three build‐ ing block technologies that: n Conserve fuel with engine power management via the Cat Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) pump, which smoothly transitions between the hydraulic hybrid power sources, engine and accumulator. n Optimize performance using restriction management via the patented Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve, which intelligently manages restrictions and flows to seamlessly control machine motion with no loss of power, and to ensure operators experience no difference in control, hydraulic power or lift capability. n Reuse energy via the hydraulic hybrid swing system, which captures the excavator's upper structure swing brake energy in accumulators, and then releases the energy during swing acceleration. Fuel Savings The 336E H delivers up to 50 percent greater fuel efficiency, which is measured in tons per liter, over the 336D. Customers can expect the 336E H to use up to 25 percent less fuel com‐ ROCKproducts • NOVEMBER 2012 17 pared to a standard 336E, and up to 33 percent less fuel than the 330/336D, the company said. All three of the technology building blocks, Conserve, Opti‐ mize and Reuse, are integrated together to maximize fuel sav‐ ings in a variety of applications. Even in low‐intensity swing applications, customers will still experience significant fuel savings because of the Conserve and Optimize technologies. (Additional factors, such as operator skill and jobsite condi‐ tions, also affect fuel savings.) Because the 336E H burns less fuel and reduces regulated en‐ gine emissions, owning and operating costs will be dramati‐ cally lower compared to the standard machine, and its carbon footprint will be smaller, the company said. Precisely when customers will recoup their initial investment in a 336E H de‐ pends on fuel prices and their applications. Assuming today's fuel prices and a high‐production application for a 336E H, Caterpillar estimates customers can realistically expect to see a return on their investment for the hybrid excavator model in as little as one year. Caterpillar designed the 336E H to deliver the same durability and reliability customers expect of all Cat machines, including large excavators like the standard 336E. The design of the 336E H uses Cat hydraulic components with a long track record of proven durability and reliability for maximum up‐ time and productivity. Also like a standard machine, 336E H components can be replaced or rebuilt to maximize the hy‐ brid's service life. E Information for this article courtesy of Caterpillar.

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