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NOV 2012

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creased productivity. UMX bits also utilize Boart Longyear's patented Stage waterway design. The geometry of these windows sustains the integrity of the bit through the en‐ tire life of the bit, allowing for a variety of crown heights including the original 25 mm, providing maximum bit life. The Twin‐Taper design dramatically improves surface flushing, forcing de‐ bris through the windows while keep‐ ing the bit face clear and reinforcing the inner diameter. Boart Longyear, SPECIALIZED FEATURES s +HDY\ GXW\ / DQG / FRQVWUXFWLRQ IRU giant loader applications s 'HVLJQHG IRU RSWLPXP WUDFWLRQ DQG ZHDU OLIH s 6KRXOGHU WLH EDUV LPSURYH VWDELOLW\ and protect shoulder from harsh operating conditions s 8QLTXH VLGHZDOO ULE SURWHFWLRQ UHGXFHV FXWV and sidewall damage s )ODWWHU WUHDG GHVLJQ SURYLGHV HYHQ IRRWSULQW pressure for longer life n Tire sales – offering world‐class tires with proven performance utilizing the latest technology. n Consultation and support – offering a range of services in North America, assisting with everything from strategic planning to technical support. n Repairs – seven repair centers are located throughout North America. n Rims & Wheels – offering a number of rims and wheels, in addition to the line of underground mining wheels the company manufactures. n Tire Management – Tracking tires, rims, retreads, repairs – its whole suite of solutions – to provide best‐ in‐class reporting. n Retreading & Sustainability – Environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of its business model. They offer retreading as a recycling solution and hope to announce further innovations in the near future. Bridgestone Bridgestone Commercial Solutions (BCS), a division of Bridgestone Ameri‐ cas Tire Operations, now offers a suite of products and services designed to increase a mine's productivity, and re‐ duce their costs with a constant regard to safety. Bridgestone Mining Solutions (BMS) combines tire sales and repair with tire management and retreading to address every phase of a mine's tire‐related needs. "In talking to our mining customers, they told us what they need most is sup‐ port in keeping their people and their work environment safe, help with in‐ creasing productivity, and assistance in driving costs out of their operations," said Kurt Danielson, president, Bridge‐ stone Commercial Solutions. "Although tires are our main product, we realize that service is key to increasing our cus‐ tomers' uptime. BMS is a response to what our customers wanted and needed: a total solution that speaks to each phase of tire life, helping them save money and increase productivity." Bridgestone Mining Solutions include: Caterpillar Caterpillar introduced the new MD5150 Track Drill, a customer‐inspired design that delivers top‐of‐class power and air‐ flow for fast, efficient drilling of holes up to 6 in. (152 mm) in diameter. Benefit‐ ing from more than 50 years of track drill design, the MD5150 incorporates a proven rock drill, patented carousel rod changer, new cab and many other fea‐ tures that boost productivity and reduce operating costs. The MD5150 dramatically reduces setup time, thanks to its innovative carousel rod changer, the company n B‐TAG – its newest solution – a tire temperature and pressure‐monitor‐ ing system that helps automate a mine's tire maintenance practices. Bridgestone Mining Solutions, said. The Cat design holds six rods and accommodates multiple lengths and di‐ ameters of drill steel. Powerful dual‐ rod grippers and a unique gate design let the rod and gate move simultane‐ ously, reducing cycle time. The rod changer is supported by a sturdy feed and heavy‐duty 8‐ft. (2.4‐m) boom that extends to 11 ft. (3.3 m) for larger pattern coverage with fewer se‐ tups. Because the carousel rod changer weighs less and holds more rods than linear models, the boom extension can reach farther and drill deeper while maintaining stability. Holes can be drilled within 24 in. (610 mm) of the highwall, which is 50 percent closer than with a linear rod changer. High reliability, long life and low own‐ ership costs are hallmarks of the new machine's rock drill. With less than half as many moving parts as competitive rock drills, it is a simple, reliable design that offers dependable performance and exceptional durability. Owners can service the rock drill themselves to re‐ duce downtime and control costs. A new automated lube system keeps the rock drill working productively, elimi‐ nating the need to stop the machine for manual greasing every two hours. Caterpillar, Donaldson Donaldson Co. offered its newest line of high‐pressure delivery filters – Bulk hP – designed to filter hydraulic and lube oils during the final transfer into equip‐ ment. This new line of filters from Don‐ aldson Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions filters fluids being delivered up to 1,000 psi (69 bar). High‐pressure delivery is the process by ROCKproducts • NOVEMBER 2012 19

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