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NOV 2012

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Superior Industries Superior Industries exhibited its Urathon Return Roll. The Urathon Re‐ turn Roll sheds sticky material, ensuring smoother conveyor belt alignment and less belt damage, making it ideal for use in the mining, aggregates and other bulk material handling industries. Con‐ structed of heavy‐duty 87A durometer urethane, Urathon return rollers offer up to three times the life of rubber disc‐ style idlers, and are available in stan‐ dard and spiral disc options. The Urathon return roll's non‐stick properties prevent build‐up of wet and sticky material on the roller discs, lead‐ ing to smoother operation, greater pro‐ ductivity and minimized belt damage. Material build‐up is the leading cause of conveyor belt mistracking and damage. When excessive material accumulates, rollers can double in size, which can cause issues with belt alignment that lead to downtime. In severe cases, the rollers become so weighed down by ex‐ cess material that they stop working al‐ together. As the belt continues to slide over the stalled rollers, expensive rip‐ ping and other damage can occur. The Urathon return roller also reduces downtime for change outs and exces‐ sive maintenance, effectively minimiz‐ ing overall costs. Both rolls are self‐cleaning, and the spiral style offers an added cleaning action on the under‐ side of the belt to further reduce main‐ tenance requirements caused by carryback material. The Standard Roll is available in a 5‐, 6‐ or 7‐in. diameters, while the Spiral Roll is offered in a 6‐in. diameter. Both models are compatible with conveyor belts ranging from 18 to 96 in. in width, and CEMA load rated at E, D, C or B. Superior Industries, www.superior‐ W.S. Tyler W.S. Tyler introduced a 10‐ft.‐wide ver‐ sion of its F‐Class Vibrating Screen at booth 10250. The F‐Class offers the only double eccentric screening solu‐ tion for challenging applications that require minimal vibration transmis‐ sion during operation. This allows for the use of multiple ma‐ chines within the same building or structure without the same reinforcing measures required to house traditional vibrating screens. Due to its consistent G‐Force, the F‐Class is also known for its ability to keep screen openings clean, thus avoiding the pegging of ma‐ terial and making the processing of sticky material possible. "It just made sense," W.S. Tyler Presi‐ dent Florian Festge said. "Our double eccentric technology has been so effec‐ tive that customers expressed the need for larger screens as their operations grew. We answered with the largest double eccentric screen to date, the 10‐ ft.‐wide F‐Class. Its size, paired with its versatility, make the F‐Class a viable option for customers who were previ‐ ously forced to invest in much more ex‐ pensive technologies, such as exciter driven screens. " This means that, when equipped with the right media choice, the F‐Class vir‐ tually eliminates blinding and pegging. With the ability to handle the toughest applications, the F‐Class is designed and built for classifying of ores, copper, gold, minerals, stones, sand and gravel. W.S. Tyler, Weir Minerals Weir Minerals Linatex, a business unit of The Weir Group PLC, introduced its new Linatex Wear Indicator System. The Linatex Wear Indicator System is a revolutionary early warning system for hoses that handle highly abrasive ma‐ terials in mining operations. The Lina‐ tex Wear Indicator System has a 24‐hour monitoring system that trans‐ mits and receives information, relaying the message to mine operators onsite. According to recent reports, the cost of installing and operating a new coal mine has increased nearly threefold in the last few years. The story is nearly the same around the globe and no one anticipates any relief in the near future. Many mines around the world are looking at their equipment and focus‐ ing on maximizing efficiency and pro‐ ductivity to get more with less. "Mineral processing is a highly abra‐ sive environment and it causes a lot of wear on equipment, especially the hoses that move the slurry through the system," said Geoff Moore, divisional sales and marketing director for Weir Minerals. "With the Linatex Wear Indi‐ cator System from Weir Minerals, mine operators can create a safer environ‐ ment for employees and the surround‐ ings by closely monitoring the wear on equipment and proactively planning equipment maintenance." The Linatex Wear Indicator System senses a change in resistance as meas‐ ured by ohms – a precision measurement that provides more accurate results. With the 24‐hour monitoring system there isn't a need for operation shut‐ downs for physical inspection or costly emergency maintenance downtime. Key features of the Linatex Wear Indi‐ cator System: n 24‐hour monitoring system. n Senses a change in resistance as measure by ohms. n Provides more accurate results than a standard indicator system. Weir Minerals Linatex, E ROCKproducts • NOVEMBER 2012 23

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