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NOV 2012

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EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY + Bar Magnets Eriez Bar Magnets are available in a variety of sizes, and can be used in a wide range of separation and automation applications. Two standard style bar magnets are available: Bantam Magnets and Magna‐Bars. In automation processes, compact Bantam Magnets are used as holding magnets or retaining and controlling magnets. The complete enclosure of the magnetic element prevents loss of magnetic strength from contact with surrounding equipment which would occur with the use of unprotected magnetic castings. Magna‐Bars serve as mag‐ netic fanners for fanning small, light gauge stampings. They can also be used to hold and control parts in magnetic handling and conveying applications or as hold‐ ing magnets in rack and other overhead conveying systems. For magnetic separa‐ tion, Magna‐Bars, mounted above or beneath materials, perform well for removal of fine iron and small tramp iron from shallow flows of slow‐moving non‐sticky powders, granules, fibers, liquids and more. Eriez, Product Hydraulic Toe Jack The RTJ‐Se‐ ries Remote Toe Jack Kit allows users to remotely jack and lift in mining ap‐ plications. Featuring a 10‐ton ca‐ pacity, this ready‐to‐use system kit can be oper‐ ated in horizontal, angular or vertical positions for maxi‐ mum lifting versatility. The kit includes hydraulic toe jack, hydraulic high‐flow hand pump and shielded/polarized hoses for fast setup. The toe jack has a large, solid base with a grooved toe for greater stability and engagement on soft ground. Capable of lifting the full rated capacity off the head or toe accommodates a wide variety of lifting applications. The inverted piston design with oversized bearing surfaces withstands the harshest conditions. The metal guards pro‐ tect the coupler from accidental damage during transport and positioning. Furthermore, the unique fold down trans‐ port handle simplifies setup. The high‐flow hydraulic pump features a lowered user exertion due to an optimized flow per handle stroke, an internal HP Safety Relief to prevent overload mishaps, reservoir relief for over‐pressurization and an inline pressure release knob for maximum lowering control. In addition, the hand pump comes standard with a heavy‐duty skid plate for increased stability and protection for unleveled surfaces. Enerpac, 42 ROCKproducts • NOVEMBER 2012 Stackable Conveyors Grasan stackable, stationary transfer conveyors are de‐ signed for efficient road and pit portability in quarries and gravel pits with minimum disassembly and no breaking of belts. The belts are completely recessed within the structural framework for protection and easy, compact stacking. Up to six conveyors normally can be stacked three tiers high on a flatbed trailer, minimizing the number of trucks needed for road travel. The stack‐ able conveyors come in lengths of 40 and 85 ft. and up to 100 ft. with folding head sections. Belts come in widths of 24 to 60 in. The rugged frame construction is jig welded, through bolted and has tubular steel bottom members to span long distances between supports more rigidly than conventional truss and channel frame con‐ struction. This allows the use of fewer and lighter weight supports. Standard designs use a 20‐in.‐diameter rubber lagged pulley with Q.D. tapered bushings; 2‐7/16 in. or larger turned, ground and polished shafts; a wing‐type tail pulley tensioned with top angle protected screw takeups; a 1.15 service factor TEFC motor; an enclosed drive guard; nip guards and tail pulley guards. Grasan,

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