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NOV 2012

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PRODUCTS Doosan The Doosan DXB260H hydraulic breaker features two‐speed control of breaker frequency for improved efficiency in de‐ manding demolition and rock‐breaking applications. Delivering up to 600 blows per minute, the 5,400‐lb. DXB260H is designed for use with excavators in the 27‐to‐37‐metric‐ton weight range, specifically the Doosan DX300LC and DX350LC. Rated in the 8,000 ft.‐lb. im‐ pact energy class, the DXB260H requires a hydraulic flow rate of between 39.5 and 63.5 gal/min. The breaker's suspen‐ sion system extends excavator work‐ group life by absorbing harmful vibrations and stress waves. Also, a patented main valve design reduces hy‐ BTI The design of the BX Series of Hydraulic Breakers from Breaker Technology Inc. pro‐ duces stable high‐speed percus‐ sion, and exceptional value and durability for all construction, demolition and rock breaking requirements, according to the company. Features include: a breaker mounted manual high/low stroke selector (BX8‐ BX40) to improve production capability; a long stroke piston design, providing high levels of constant blow energy; an anti‐ blank fire on/off selector (BX8‐BX40) to alternate modes when operating in varying rock conditions; and an optimal sound dampening (BX6‐BX40) that further lowers noise lev‐ els, pertinent in high density population area. Breaker Technology Inc., Fractum Swiss‐based, Fractum GmbH's new gravity‐impact breaker is a cost‐effective solution to secondary breaking. The breaker needs to be mounted on a conventional excavator of at least 40 tons deadweight. This allows the breaker to be rapidly de‐ ployed to various areas of a quarry to carry out a range of breaking work. The breaker uses the hydraulic power that would normally activate the excavator bucket or other tools. While this tool is being used, the excavator engine needs to op‐ erate at the maximum of a fast idle. Operating under low load greatly reduces noise, making it suitable for use in urban envi‐ ronments. The gravity‐impact breaker also offers a faster solu‐ tion to secondary blasting, as the machine eliminates the need for time‐consuming drilling and charging up of blastholes. The breaker hammer can be directed with great accuracy and fly‐ ing fragments from the impact are safely contained within the 32 ROCKproducts • NOVEMBER 2012 draulic pressure peaks that can reduce pump life, crack excavator workgroup welds and cause system overheating. Fi‐ nally, an energy recovery system in‐ creases strike power by using energy generated by piston rebound. Standard features include a cradle‐mounted grease station, blank fire protection, a mounting cap, auxiliary hydraulic hoses, two moil points, toolbox and a nitrogen checking device. In addition to the gen‐ eral purpose moil, tools available for the DXB260H include a blunt tool, a chisel and a pyramidal or "nail" tool. Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment America, Atlas Copco The HB 4100, the newest edition to Atlas Copco's heavy hydraulic breaker line, provides better performance and higher efficiency than the preceding model and weighs less, notes the com‐ pany. The breaker has a guide system that makes the breaker more stable and resilient. A new cover plate for the retaining bars offers additional protec‐ tion in the lower part of the breaker. The HB 4100 also has increased wear protection at the bottom of the case. Standard features include the VibroSilenced system that protects operators against noise and vibrations; PowerAdapt, which switches the breaker off in the event of hydraulic overflow; and ContiLube, an integrated, automatic lubrication system. The HB 4100 hydraulic breaker is suitable for secondary and primary rock breaking in quarries, demolition of concrete, steel and pave‐ ment, trenching, dredging, tunneling and foundation work. Atlas Copco Construction Equipment, breaker tube. Additionally, the breaker uses a small amount of moving parts allowing for easy maintenance and inexpensive operation. Fractum GmbH,

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