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Page 50 of 67 ROCK products • April 2018 • 49 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY LOADOUT & DRONES Thurman Scale announced the new TS600 vehicle scale instrument family, an economical vehicle-weighing instru- ment with numerous features, including outbound and stored tare functions. The midrange TS600 is an excellent gener- al-purpose vehicle scale instrument, perfect for customers who need to upgrade or replace an existing analog instrument or require a mechanical-to-digital or an analog-to-Intalogix conversion. It is also ideal for those who want a general-pur- pose instrument to feed serial or Ethernet weight data to a computer. The TS600 Series is available in analog or Intalogix-ready versions and with three enclosure types: desktop (stainless steel and black powder coated steel, NEMA 12); desk/wall mount (stainless steel, NEMA 4X); and panel mount (stainless steel and black powder coated steel, NEMA 12.) The instruments feature a 16-segment bright red LED display, which provides easier-to-read text on the screen when compared to traditional seven segment displays. The instruments operate in three mode types: gross–tare–net mode (GTN); inbound/outbound mode (in/ out); and basic in/out mode (1 button weighing). TS60X models are analog instruments, which take the analog signal from the load cells and convert it to a digital signal inside the TS60X instrument. In multi- ple load cell applications, all sectional adjustments are performed at the analog summing box(es) located at the scale plat- form. Final scale calibration is performed through the instrument. The TS60X instruments do not offer the on-board diagnostics and digital load cell commu- nication found in instruments featuring Intalogix Technology. TS61X models include Intalogix, the industry leading load cell diagnostics and digital load cell communication technol- ogy. An analog load cell signal is converted to a digital signal at the scale-mounted Smart Sectional Controllers (SSCs) and sent to the instrument by means of a dig- ital communication. TS61x instruments use this digital information to process transactions and monitor the load cell status. All sectional adjustments are per- formed through the TS61x instrument front panel. Final scale calibration is also performed through the instrument. Thurman Scale, Nearmap Offers High-Res Location Content Nearmap, a location content provider specializing in high-resolution aerial maps, announced the release of new forms of location content – Nearmap Pan- orama and Nearmap Oblique – available through a new MapBrowser interface. Nearmap has long provided vertical imagery (also known as orthorectified imagery) covering about 70 percent of the U.S. population. Today, it extends its location content to include new aerial geospatial data services – Nearmap Pan- orama and Nearmap Oblique imagery. Nearmap Panorama is unique since it enables users to view perspective maps in all cardinal directions for small or large areas in uninterrupted fashion. Users do not need to jump from one image to another and, in the process, lose context. They can easily navigate, pan and zoom across any size geography, quickly ana- lyze perspective maps and make faster decisions that impact government and commercial operations – all within an instantly accessible, 100 percent cloud- based environment. "Nearmap Panorama is delivered via its new, highly intuitive MapBrowser interface, enabling users to effortlessly visualize and navigate across regions or local areas in an uninterrupted way," said Patrick Quigley, SVP and GM for Nearmap North America. "Our users can inspect aerial location content faster than ever before using Nearmap Pan- orama. Consistent with past location content, Nearmap Panorama is delivered in high-resolution, 3-in. GSD." Nearmap Obliques enable users to inter- actively inspect and measure the height of features, such as buildings and terrain, from all cardinal directions. Nearmap Oblique images are also accessed through the new MapBrowser. "Our customers need location con- tent aligned with their requirements," said Natasha Ridley, product manager for MapBrowser. "For example, with Nearmap Oblique images, government organizations conducting property appraisal can accurately value property using measurement and detailed, tilt-an- gled perspectives. At the same time, commercial organizations interested in engineering and construction can quickly select a north, south, east or west orien- tation, measure heights of buildings and better plan changes." Users working within MapBrowser can switch from Nearmap Vertical to Pan- orama or Oblique location content. "We've added new features that our customers are going to be very excited about," said Ridley. "For example, now users can export our imagery with measurements added. The saved image provides the whole picture, which is very useful in pro- posal development and communicating specific aspects of the aerial maps essen- tial in planning and operations." Nearmap, Thurman Scale Announces New Ts600 Desktop Scale Instrument Family

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