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JUN 2018

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Page 50 of 75 ROCK products • June 2018 • 49 EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY DRILLING & BLASTING GroundProbe released its first laser- based monitoring solution to give early warning of impending collapses of open pit mine walls, dams, mine dumps and vegetated slopes, that can begin months or years before a collapse occurs. The Geotech Monitoring Station (GMS) replaces traditional total stations that rely on mirrored prisms to be attached to the slope. The system can scan these points, but can also reflect its signal directly off the rock without the need for prisms; reducing the need for a dan- gerous industry practice. "Prisms can be dangerous to install, inflexible to changing ground condi- tions and their repair or replacement can be unsafe, time-consuming and expensive," said Lachlan Campbell, GroundProbe's vice president of mar- keting and technology. The GMS is able to achieve excellent "virtual point" precision by applying GroundProbe's patented radar signal and data processing techniques to the long-range laser. "With capabilities well beyond that of typical robotic total stations, the GMS is a complete-end-to-end intelligent monitoring solution with smart data capture, processing and analysis," said John Beevers, GroundProbe's chief executive officer. "The GMS, and the prisms and points it monitors, comple- ments our Slope Stability Radar suite to provide a complete monitoring strat- egy for our customers, allowing them to better manage risk, increase productiv- ity, and ensure maximum safety." As an Electronic Distance Measure- ment (EDM) LiDAR, the GMS monitors through automatically measuring hun- dreds or up to a thousand discrete points on a wall, in the form of physical and virtual prisms. "Like all of our products, it's not just a piece of hardware, but a comprehen- sive, complete monitoring system," said Product Manager Fernanda Carrera. "The GMS monitors vast mine areas for long periods of time of many months to many years. GroundProbe, Nxco's FRAGMENTOR Self-Stemming Cartridge Now Available from Coogar Building on the success of the Nxburst Safety Cartridges, Coogar Sales and Services is bringing Nxco's FRAG- MENTOR to North America through its extensive dealer network. This self-stemming cartridge builds on the ease of use and efficient rock breaking capabilities that the Nxburst Safety Car- tridges have provided users for years. The FRAGMENTOR has incorporated a retaining device that will hold the self-contained cartridge within the blast hole. This allows for ease of use in both horizontal and overhead use, ideal for work in underground mining. By using axial-piston technology the cartridge seals itself in place upon ini- tiation to provide a perfect guaranteed seal, ensuring the effectiveness of the propellant technology. The FRAGMENTOR is available in a 43-mm diameter with gram weights of 80, 120, 180 and 240 enabling the user is given the ability to optimize their blast pattern. The long sought-after dream of con- tinuous mining is now attainable with the FRAGMENTOR and its lack of nox- ious gases. Using an industry standard 45-mm (1 ¾-in.) hole, the gas produced during deflagration mainly consists of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Dust is also kept to a minimum as the technology breaks rock under tension rather than compression always using the optimal amount of force required. Air blast is also not created as the rate of burning is approximately 350 m/s, with no shockwaves present during a blast allowing personnel to remain down in the mine during the operation and re-entry into the blast area within minutes. The time savings of the "load and go" abilities with the lack of required stemming make this product ideal for underground mining applications where stemming can always be an issue. The FRAGMENTOR is perfectly suited to secondary breakage, civil excavation, concrete demolition, mass rock exca- vation and underwater blasting. The high heaving effect produced by the FRAGMENTOR cartridge guarantees performance reduces the grams/m3 of propellant required and with an ability to increase the burden, reduces the cost of rock fragmentation. Coogar Sales & Services, Groundprobe Launches Laser Technology for Monitoring Highwalls

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